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Community Spotlight #1

Hi everyone! I am Daynab, resident community/tester/DoD enthusiast guy. I’m gonna be doing weekly posts about mods and other things going on over at the forums and elsewhere.

The past few weeks have shown an amazing growth in interest and we’re now up to around 30 functional mods. It may not seem like much, but keep in mind they’re pretty major, such as completely new skill lines. Since I can’t describe every one in a single post, here are two among my personal favorites.

(Please read this guide if you don’t know how to install mods.)

Clockwork Knights

This skill is an interesting combination between combat and crafting. It boosts your survival by giving you a trap scanner and some movement spells, and it ups your general crafting skills while giving access to a bunch of special new recipes for (mostly) melee characters.

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Dungeons of Dredmor Halloween Costume Contest

Here’s how it works:

  1. Dress up in a Dungeons of Dredmor themed costume. Whatever you want, it should probably be way better than my idea there.
  2. Send us a picture of yourself looking totally awesome (email: contact AT Or post a picture in the forums. I’ll even make a thread for the contest. It’ll be fun.
  3. We’ll choose a winner to receive a fabulous prize. Or winners. Or prizes. I’m kinda making this up as I go along, but we’ll certainly give you a spooky tomb with your name on it in the second level of the Dungeons Of Dredmor and maybe even a unique artifact item in the game for everyone to find. And maybe some more fun stuff…

Let’s say the deadline is November 8, 2011 — this gives you lots of time to confound your friends by dressing up for Halloween as something they’ve probably never heard of.

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Ten Screenshots from Dredmor v0.94.3+

…With commentary.

Our Dredmor version numbering system has run off the rails a bit as we’ve done a lot of builds in a short time period due to quick turnaround on tester feedback. Regardless, I just did a little playthrough with a focus on our smithing craft skill and took screenshots as I went along. I’ll even try to remember what I was doing at the time of each shot.

Let us begin this tour. Be sure to click on any thumbnail to view it full size.

1.  The title screen. I’ve still got to do a polish round on this art (and I think we’ve got some work to do on wherever that tutorial button is supposed to lead).

2. Choosing the difficulty of the game. I’m still amazed at home readily certain-people-who-know-who-they-are have beaten Going Rogue. It does help us find out which skills to nerf, thankfully. … I’m going to go medium, because I’m really in this for taking screenshots.

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Dredmor Beta v0.93.2 : Crafting & Traps

0.93.2 is now out. The big piles of Fun here are crafting and traps. Shall I? Yes I shall: Let’s start with a screenshot.

Click to view full size.

I’ve got just about the full array of crafting skills here and am in the process of making some gold ingots to sell to Brax, whose potion shop I am standing in. The distilling widget has an outline of an apple in the ingredients box because I’ve selected the “Hard Cider” recipe.

You can also drag the inventory bag around to keep it in less-annoying spots on the screen. Yes, Dredmor is on the bleeding edge of  UI design!

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Almost wrapped up Dredmor 0.93

About ready to ship the latest beta out to testers. We’ve been working ourselves very hard on this run up to the end of March; have had little time and energy to write (and man, my hand hurts from drawing sprites).

So to keep this cheap, here’s a little teaser of something we’ve been putting the icing on tonight:

Nicholas and I are both fans of Dwarf Fortress. If you are too, you may know something of what this implies about what we’re doing here.

On to 0.94 and victory!

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Making The Cut

I just redid the character information panel again. I had to re-arrange all the info boxes then type out the size and position of every single textbox and tooltip hotspot. It was awful. Now Nicholas gets to update the code to my specifications, the poor bastard.

Dungeons of Dredmor, as some sort of RPG, and god-help-us, as a roguelikeish game, lends itself to a maddening excess of features, ideas, items, skills, spells, potions, special abilities, factions?, unique rooms, artifacts, vengeful gods, and and.. and … Well, one of the most important points of successful game development is knowing when to cut; no, being able to cut features so that the project can ever be completed.

We have done this. No, really! A bit, at least.

Dredmor Hero dodging a blade

At least you’ve survived with piles upon piles of unique items, silly skills, and an upcoming hellishly complex crafting system, dear hero!

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