Ten Screenshots from Dredmor v0.94.3+

…With commentary.

Our Dredmor version numbering system has run off the rails a bit as we’ve done a lot of builds in a short time period due to quick turnaround on tester feedback. Regardless, I just did a little playthrough with a focus on our smithing craft skill and took screenshots as I went along. I’ll even try to remember what I was doing at the time of each shot.

Let us begin this tour. Be sure to click on any thumbnail to view it full size.

1.  The title screen. I’ve still got to do a polish round on this art (and I think we’ve got some work to do on wherever that tutorial button is supposed to lead).

2. Choosing the difficulty of the game. I’m still amazed at home readily certain-people-who-know-who-they-are have beaten Going Rogue. It does help us find out which skills to nerf, thankfully. … I’m going to go medium, because I’m really in this for taking screenshots.

3. Skill selection! I hit the fancy new “random skills” button until I got something I liked — maces, throwing, dual wield (which I promptly forgot I had), armour, astrology, fungal arts, and smithing. I really wanted to try out smithing because I just put in a few new crafting recipes.

4. The first room with a debug Statue of Inconsequentia hovering over the water (she’s a god, she can do what she wants!).  Upon opening a door I run right into a horde of diggles – and the lead diggle calls my mother a radish. IT IS ON!

5. Fought through a few rooms and gained a level. (Looks like you’re in rough shape there, little hero! Good thing levelling refreshes your health.) I took the next level of Fungal arts, which …

6. … allows me to summon a little blobby to fight on my side. See the little heart? It loves me so much. It’s a pity I end up using it as a meatshield (And then went into the monster database and made the summoned blobby a bit tougher so that it makes for a better pet). I’m also smelting some native gold into ingots because my crafting additions mean that gold can actually be made into something useful now.

7. You can see that I’ve explored a few more pieces of the dungeon in my minimap in the upper right corner; I’ve jumped around by using teleport pads. And here I find another statue to receive a quest from Inconsequentia. (I never did end up completing any of her quests, I’m sorry to say.) I’ve also managed to fill my inventory with junk — had to make some tough decisions. The hard truth is that there’s a lot of junk in the dungeon and a lot of it is not appropriate to haul around if your character is not built to use it.

8. In the next room I managed to gain another level. Here I’m showing my skill tome with my cursor hovering with sweet anticipation over the next level of the smithing skill. In addition to raising my smithing skill level it grants a bonus point of burliness and a point of trap disarm ability for some reason. I should probably remove that. (You might also notice that I have a bolas equipped as my active throwing weapon – the ‘root’ effect was broken on this due to an incorrect xml tag in the database. Totally fixed that one finally.)

9. Lutefisk for The Lutefisk God! (He just gave me a Broken Orb which smells fishy. At least it’s magic – you can see it’s artifact magic icon in the upper left.) And I’m tooltipping over a voltaic cell just to show what sort of cool stuff one could craft with if they are a tinkerer. Unfortunately I’m a smith and should just dump the thing.

10. Finally found my way to the next dungeon level – The Crypts! Or possibly just one crypt, “The Crypt”? I’ll have to check this one out. I even managed to get some crafting in finally, you can see the products in my character panel: steel cuirass, silver ring, iron boots, steel mace. I am finding that crafting is strangely addictive. I should add more.

And by here I realized that I should probably be working on the game rather than playing it, so I called it quits.  Hopefully, soon, it can be you who is playing Dungeons of Dredmor. Winning smile goes here.

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6 Responses to “Ten Screenshots from Dredmor v0.94.3+”

  1. rascalpuppyjay says:

    Uggh I want to play soo badly! I wana beta test!

    { reply }
  2. d32 says:

    Oh my, stop teasing. Sell it to me already. Beta or not.

    { reply }
  3. Nachtfischer says:

    Looks absolutely amazing. I – WANT – TO – B U Y!

    { reply }
  4. Berious says:

    I have already chewed off my left arm in anticipation. Please save my right arm with a release date. :*(

    { reply }
  5. Crose says:

    The title screen remind me of Doom1.

    { reply }
  6. Sei says:

    Definitely a winner, release the game already!!

    { reply }

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