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Community Spotlight #4

Hi everyone! The format for this week’s spotlight is a little different because I wanted to showcase a very proficient modder, Essence. He’s had it a long time coming, namely for his Essential DoD 1 and 2 mods which add 6 different skills to the game.

I will describe each of them briefly since there would be way too much to talk about for one post. If you want the details of every ability I suggest you go to Dredmorpedia, all six are featured there.

Bushido is probably the most Warrior-oriented of the skills. It’s designed to help melee characters survive the later levels and as such, it’s all about defensive buffs and self-healing. Here you even get some stackable buffs when getting hit, like Into The Jaws of Death, which stacks all resistances 66% of the time when you get hit.

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Community Spotlight #1

Hi everyone! I am Daynab, resident community/tester/DoD enthusiast guy. I’m gonna be doing weekly posts about mods and other things going on over at the forums and elsewhere.

The past few weeks have shown an amazing growth in interest and we’re now up to around 30 functional mods. It may not seem like much, but keep in mind they’re pretty major, such as completely new skill lines. Since I can’t describe every one in a single post, here are two among my personal favorites.

(Please read this guide if you don’t know how to install mods.)

Clockwork Knights

This skill is an interesting combination between combat and crafting. It boosts your survival by giving you a trap scanner and some movement spells, and it ups your general crafting skills while giving access to a bunch of special new recipes for (mostly) melee characters.

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