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Realm of the Diggle Gods Trailer and Screenshots

Wish ye to ken eldritch knowledge of the Realm of the Diggle Gods? Look you no further for I present to you a trailer most fabulous for this new expansion to Dungeons of Dredmor:

Realm of the Diggle Gods will be released for sale very soon. Indeed, sooner than you imagine, unless you’re a very imaginative person indeed.

A big thanks to the talented Ian aka Verbal Processing for creating this trailer for us. Check out his Youtube channel in which he plays and discusses various games in an amusing manner. You’ll laugh and maybe even learn a thing or two.

And credit as always is due to the talented Mr. Steele who created the music; you can listen to as well as purchase the Dredmor soundtrack at Matthew’s bandcamp site.

If you don’t abide by Your Tubes, please do enjoy these screenshots that follow featuring all sorts of new nonsense you’ll discover in the Realm of the Diggle Gods.

Here, in the (new) Underground Forest, I make use of the lovely new fireball effect while a pack of loyal hunting diggles looks on. It’s possible some were caught in the blast. They’re very loyal. Usually.

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Preview Roundup 2 + Beta Madness-Vortex

Here at Gaslamp we’re in brain-rending beta vortex of madness mode. I’ll try to piece together a couple thoughts at the end of the post, but first a couple more previews:

From Gamer CredentialsDungeons of Dredmor Preview – suddenly diggles, thousands of them!

It’s hard to believe, but just about a week ago Daynab (a Dredmor beta tester) wrote up this quick preview of Dungeons of Dredmor. All I’ll say is that he’s been a big help and Dredmor has come a huge distance in this short time.

And from Paul’s 8bit Patio : Indie Test Drive : Dungeons of Dredmor Beta (Roguelike/RPG)

Paul Soares was good enough to make a video of Dungeons of Dredmor gameplay for his Indie Test Drive series in which he gives a good introduction to the variety of ways to die in the game. Check it out:

And how about a word on Beta and Crunch?

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The State of the Dungeon

I have answers for a few questions that may be kicking around. Read on! (And here’s an image of various skill icons to distract you.)


So how is Dredmor coming along?

More slowly than we hoped, but steadily.

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Dredmor Beta v0.94.1

We’ve just declared Dungeons of Dredmor beta 0.94.1.

It’s a beautiful thing how much this has come together. I can see it looking back just a week — and two weeks, a month, the changes are huge! We have a real game here which is almost ready.

What’s new in this version? Oh, all sorts of things: new stairs that aren’t awkward, custom scripted rooms (which means we can do Very Silly Things), lots of UI polish, lots of new dungeon content, many more varieties of monsters — and spellcasting monsters.  Tons of bug-fixes. Lots of new sounds. Players actually getting to level 4 or 5 of the dungeon. Lots of new things.

We’re confident enough to start sending copies out to a couple press outfits and we’ll be mining the beta list for testers as soon as we figure out a protocol for all of this.

Yeah, it’s all a bit of a blur right now. My mind is still decompressing from this last crunch cycle. (And shall be back at it soon enough, I assure you.)

So here, have some pictures.

We have all kinds of tooltips loafing around our UI just waiting to fill your head with baseless hearsay and conjecture.

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Almost wrapped up Dredmor 0.93

About ready to ship the latest beta out to testers. We’ve been working ourselves very hard on this run up to the end of March; have had little time and energy to write (and man, my hand hurts from drawing sprites).

So to keep this cheap, here’s a little teaser of something we’ve been putting the icing on tonight:

Nicholas and I are both fans of Dwarf Fortress. If you are too, you may know something of what this implies about what we’re doing here.

On to 0.94 and victory!

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Working hard on Dredmor beta 0.92

Let the Black Blood of the Earth flow, for Gaslamp is in crunch mode! (And I really ought to be polishing up the spells and some tilesets right now.)

This beta release is all about the spells. For example, from the school of “Mathemagic”:

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Old Magic, New Magic – And the crunch.

Begin ye, my week of Dredmor crunching!

I shall drink the black liqueor of Yog-sothoth; yea, that odious brew which gives unlife to that-which-lived-not shall give me life that I may make all the art for which Dredmor thirsts in this week.

(We’re off to a good start, aren’t we? Imagine how crazy I’ll feel by the end of it.)

Anyway, I’ve been drawing some icons for our recently revised and renewed spell list. The art direction has changed: All spells will be drawn, like skills, at a larger size because bigger pictures are more fun to look at (though they still size down to 32×32 for use in the old spell slots). Some spells are new, some spells are old. Some are all new graphics, some are old graphics redrawn. See here:

My, I’ve got an awful lot of work to do. Sixty spells, thirty-one rogue skills,  twenty-five warrior skills. And that’s not including the menu art, new and revised UI elements (hey, we have an experience bar now!), new and revised tilesets (including animated liquids), and uh, some more items, a few status icons, spell effects, random things …  stuff … and things …

I’ve even got a great idea for a comic for the beta release written down somewhere; hope I can find time to draw it out.

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