Pictured: Microsoft Window's Process Handling Function Calls

Technical Director Vining versus the Haxx of Planet Playsteevee

Most of what I’ve been doing these days is support code for various other people: adding missing functions, fixing bugs, adding new UI code when it’s needed, and just keeping the airship sailing. I’ve also been dealing with mysterious issues on user machines, which is always fun for a game …

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Popping the Real Estate Bubble

Having talked about one major system change last week in the form of upkeep, let’s talk about another one this week: immigration. Ironically, it was almost exactly a year ago the last time we had a blog on immigration – my first blog post, in fact. Things have changed a …

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Let Slip the Trunks of Repair

On the resource end of things, Clockwork Empires is largely a game about production – What resources can you get? How many? How quickly? Progression through the game is largely governed by a flat rate of what modules you can afford to build. Our module design, however, centers around an …

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