Clockwork Empires May Update: Frontier Living In Interesting Times

(Or: The Beta Begins.) In which we explore – This update will go live to every Clockwork Empires player via Steam! We’ve also prepared a lovely video to help set the tone: (There’s a German version for our good Stahlmarkian friends, check it out here. We apologize for missing umlaute.) We have also …

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Ignore the fishpeople there. They aren't real.

That Frontier Quality of Life

What’s important to a colonist’s quality of life on the Frontier? Why, clearly: Food, safety, work conditions, and having a good place to sleep. We’ve been using the memory system to convey the importance of these factors but the results have been somewhat unsteady, prone to being thrown off by …

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Or just look at this picture.

Quick, Put More Logistics In It!

As part of the workshop->upgrade->Snoot->cover the world in progress cycle, we have an exciting series of new economics problems: how to make upgraded modules actually useful, and how to make workshops not terrible. The solution that we have elected to try, and which Daniel bullied me into writing (which took …

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