Technical Progress Updates as Viking Saga; or, “The Kalevining”

(With thanks to the Twitter user who suggested that the history of all of the code in Gaslamp should, for comedy, be provided in the form of Viking Saga. Let it be known, this is your fault.) I. THE CAFFEINATION In the frozen lands of Gaslamp, in the midst of …

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Art Is Pain: Marketing For Queen & Empire

I’m going to write about digital painting today (edit: actually, marketing and project management, but let’s pretend it’s still about art) because everyone else is too weak and sickly to stop me. Are you happy? This is what happens!

Get to it, layabouts!

Stockpiles and Gabions

It’s instructive to just sit down for a quick, relaxing game of Clockwork Empires and then make a note of all of the little things that one finds frustrating or otherwise demanding improvement. As a result of this particular exercise, gabions are now built in assignments in the upcoming experimental …

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