Community Spotlight #1

Hi everyone! I am Daynab, resident community/tester/DoD enthusiast guy. I’m gonna be doing weekly posts about mods and other things going on over at the forums and elsewhere.

The past few weeks have shown an amazing growth in interest and we’re now up to around 30 functional mods. It may not seem like much, but keep in mind they’re pretty major, such as completely new skill lines. Since I can’t describe every one in a single post, here are two among my personal favorites.

(Please read this guide if you don’t know how to install mods.)

Clockwork Knights

This skill is an interesting combination between combat and crafting. It boosts your survival by giving you a trap scanner and some movement spells, and it ups your general crafting skills while giving access to a bunch of special new recipes for (mostly) melee characters.

These are spread between Tinkering and Smithing, so if you plan on really getting all the clockwork themed items you’ll need to pick up both.

It also includes new rooms with more bookshelves to increase your chances of finding the recipes you need.
I guess I forgot to mention it lets you kick enemies in the face, huh? Then they explode.

I enjoyed that too. All in all a very well-thought mod by Ruigi.

Megacrafts Mod

For the crafters out there, this mod is something I currently consider a must-have. Zaratustra brings us 56 new recipes spread among the different crafting skills. They’re all additions absent from the core game, such as belt, gloves and pant recipes or other RotDG items.

It also includes some recipes for end-game items that can only be crafted in new special rooms found deep in the dungeon. I thought this was quite a nice touch.

The post’s already getting big so I’ll stop here for now but as a final note, check out Dredmorpedia, created by our very own J-Factor. It is by far the most convenient way to access all the skills, items, crafting recipes, monsters and such. Finally, if you need assistance or want to hang out, you’ll find help on our forums and many people to talk to on our IRC.

Stay tuned as more exciting things happen!

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4 Responses to “Community Spotlight #1”

  1. getter77 says:

    Really nice assortment! I for one await the inevitable day when The Streams Cross between DoD: RotDG and fellow ASCII Dreams Poll entrant ToME 4 such that classes and such do some cameo work via both being so teeming with potential on the modding front.

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  2. Hybelkanin says:

    I’ve been looking forward to these since I just less than a week ago started trying out some mods for DoD. Thumbs up for both the mods featured this article. Now where’s my mod that lets me actually carry the stuff I need to make these amazing contraptions ?

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    • Spectreincarnate says:

      Yeah, there’s not a whole lot of room in the backpack for all the crafting supplies I collect. I’ve resorted to being a bit unorthodox by finding a fairly large empty room on each floor that is nearby both an up and a down stairway (and possibly near a store or lutefisk statue as well) and putting everything on the ground in that room. Everything you drop will stay there indefinitely, even if you go to another floor, which is nice to be able to run back and forth if needed. When I fully uncover another floor, I take a couple trips back up to the previous floor and bring everything down with me and choose a new storage room.

      It actually doesn’t take as long as you might think and I like having the invisible rows of “storage shelving” with separate categories of items, such as all gems along one wall, all metals along another wall.. etc. If you use WASD to walk around the room and don’t have autoloot ticked, you can fill the entire room with junk without worrying about picking everything up every time you walk in.

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  3. Ed says:

    megacrafts mod always crash on me (mac steam, 1.09B) every time I discover a new recipe (the new ones from the mod)….

    any workaround this??

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