Ah, Gaslamp Games.

Two or three years ago it was just another Snake Cult. Then, fueled by the inspiration of their dark gods, the foul liqueur of Yog-Sothoth, and the devilish fumes of the Black Lotus, the secret society known as Gaslamp Games spread through the sleepy streets of Olde Victoria Town faster than you could say “adorable street urchin.” Now, armed with a supernatural weapon made out of the eyeballs of dead men and obeying secret orders given unto them by the reanimated brain of Nikola Tesla, Gaslamp Games is on a mission to control your world with its diabolical blend of high technology and enjoyable, reasonably priced entertainment software for the “Personal Computer” so beloved by today’s youth.

From left to right: Micah, Nicholas, Daniel, David, Chris, Sean, Joseph

Who is Gaslamp Games?

Founding Partners:
Nicholas Vining : Technical Director
Daniel Jacobsen : CEO
David Baumgart : Art Director

Motley Associates:
Chris Dykstra : Director of Business Development
Derek Bonner : Web Developer & System Admin
Matthew Steele : Audio Specialist
Aura Triolo : Animator
Sean Hamilton : 3D Artist
Joseph Nejat : 3D Artist
Ryan C. Gordon : Hackmaster
Micah J. Best: Systems Programmer
Chris Whitman: Gameplay Programmer
Mathieu Dugon: Community Liaison
Andrew Ferguson: Build Engineering
Stephanie Tinsley Schopp: Public Relations Maverick