Dredmor Beta v0.94.1

We’ve just declared Dungeons of Dredmor beta 0.94.1.

It’s a beautiful thing how much this has come together. I can see it looking back just a week — and two weeks, a month, the changes are huge! We have a real game here which is almost ready.

What’s new in this version? Oh, all sorts of things: new stairs that aren’t awkward, custom scripted rooms (which means we can do Very Silly Things), lots of UI polish, lots of new dungeon content, many more varieties of monsters — and spellcasting monsters. Β Tons of bug-fixes. Lots of new sounds. Players actually getting to level 4 or 5 of the dungeon. Lots of new things.

We’re confident enough to start sending copies out to a couple press outfits and we’ll be mining the beta list for testers as soon as we figure out a protocol for all of this.

Yeah, it’s all a bit of a blur right now. My mind is still decompressing from this last crunch cycle. (And shall be back at it soon enough, I assure you.)

So here, have some pictures.

We have all kinds of tooltips loafing around our UI just waiting to fill your head with baseless hearsay and conjecture.

As ever, click to view full size.

I used my tentacular wand.

Shall we make some gut rot? We’ve got a new grid view for the UI-critics out there. You know who you are. Not pictured: the lovely new crafting sounds from Mr. Steele, our chief sound-smith.

This isn’t looking so good. I blew my Ninja Vanish skill on sneaking into the middle of a bunch of spell-casting Octos and angry robots. Note to self: Use sneak abilities to get away from monsters. On the upside, you can see some of the custom room scripting at work here in the small abandoned smithy to my left. You may also note the injured portrait state that’s in the bottom-center. What fun!

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28 Responses to “Dredmor Beta v0.94.1”

  1. rascalpuppyjay says:

    looks seriously amazing!

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  2. Lekon says:

    Oh snap. You DO have ninja skills! I was just joking about them on twitter!

    { reply }
  3. GHS says:

    I am so looking forward to this. Hurry up and start taking pre-orders or something and let us get in on the beta!

    { reply }
  4. Brian says:

    Congrats on this next milestone!

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  5. I’m signing up for the Beta list once again– just in case.

    Looking great!

    Ebyan “Nolithius” Alvarez-Buylla

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  6. Grue says:

    I’ve been testing it fairly heavily and griefing Mordred with layout tweaks and bug reports.

    It’s getting pretty fun.

    { reply }
  7. Epsilon says:

    Looks great, you’ll have my dubloons as soon as a Linux version is available preferably a tar.gz πŸ˜€

    { reply }
  8. GHS says:

    Yes…I should have mentioned I am also waiting on the Linux version, and yes, preferably as a tar.gz

    { reply }
  9. Travis says:

    If you’re sending out preview copies, I’d be stoked to give it a look at PC RPG News.

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  10. rune_74 says:

    Lookin good, will have to bug you soon for an interview:)

    { reply }
  11. GhostLyrics says:

    I’m glad you were able to implement an improved way to check the crafting selection, though once again I have to make an unpleasant remark: I’ve checked the boxes containing the menus (*M*enu, *C*haracter, etc) and as you probably are highly aware of: the S*k*ills text makes it look incredibly ugly. You might want to rethink (rephrase?) that.

    { reply }
    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      Oh yeah, we had that discussion a few UI revisions ago.

      Ya’see, if we did *S*kills, it would interfere with the standard WASD movement keys. Changing the word itself would alter the standard vocabulary used to refer to skills pretty much everywhere else in the game.

      The solution is sub-optimal, but it seems to get the job done. And I wouldn’t call it “incredibly ugly”. Maybe “somewhat homely”. Perhaps “rather unwieldy”. One can even hope for “charmingly awkward”.

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