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Steam Workshop Mod Support Now Available

The time to create and use all new horrifying traps, dazzling spells, and weapons of diabolical ferocity is upon us: the Dungeons of Dredmor Steam Workshop is now open for business.

Check out the Steam Workshop Here!

Create and share all new monsters, items, skills, spells and dungeon rooms!  Ever wanted an acid fireball?  How about a skill that summons Diggle mages?  A staff that explodes when you throw it and turns everyone who it kills into zombies?  Easy.  A trap that can only be disarmed by feeding it 10 gallons of Slivovitz plum brandy?  A magical pear that summons a magical orange that summons a magical apple that summons the original magical pear?  That’s more like it.

The Steam Workshop is a place designed to make it easy to find, play, and share quality custom content created by other fans.  Simply head over to the Steam Workshop page, find a mod that you would like to play, and hit “Subscribe”.  The mod will be downloaded to just the right spot, and upon loading Dredmor you simply hit the “Mod” button on the launcher and pick which ones you want to load.

Or, if you want to try your hand at your own creations, head over to and take a look at some tutorials on how to craft your own!  We’ve included information on how to make and upload a mod, as well as some of the code that you can use to create completely unique content.

And while you’re at it, check out the brand new DLC we launched today – it’s totally free, and full of some of our all-time favorite fan-made content!  Also, just because we’re so excited about the Workshop, Dredmor is on sale!

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Dungeons of Dredmor Free Expansion Available Now!

At long last the time has come.  You know what must be done.

You Have To Name The Expansion Pack :  now on Steam

What’s new? Here’s what:

  • Rebalancing of many original skills (now you can smith more flesh into zombys with Fleshsmithing, find more loot with Perception, fire more cannons at the same time with Piracy, and much more)
  • 29 new skills in 4 skill lines from the minds of mad Dredmor modders
  • 100+ new rooms filled with Tesla coils, lots of breakable stuff, and fine dining furniture (which is also breakable).
  • 20 new monster variations (including one new monster type)
  • 30 new crafting recipes
  • 47 new items from the Clockwork Grappling Bolt to the Rusty Caltrop Eruptor Trap
You want to know the details? Well it’s a good thing we have all kinds of details:
  • Battle Geology, a wizard-like warrior skill that involves killing people with rocks and a solid appreciation for tectonics – by Null
  • Clockwork Knight and Rogue Scientist, crafty steampunk skill lines that grow more powerful as your craft skills increase – by Ruigi
  • Warlockery, the wizard skill for wizards who would rather be warriors and want to blow stuff up with brute force application of mana as well as a massive overhaul of a large number of core skills and abilities -by Essence
  • Scads of twisty little rooms, all different, and decorated as befits the lich’s dungeon – by Bergstrom
  • And a horde of new monster variations from Poorly Cloned Heros to Diggle Rocketeers – by FaxCelestis
Go now. The expansion pack is not going to Name itself. 

(And anyway, it’s free. I did mention that, right?) 

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Free DLC & Steam Workshop support: June 5, 2012

It’s not quite as soon as we originally expected, but you can’t rush these sorts of things. A free DLC pack is like a relationship – it’s, um … this analogy is going nowhere. But if you really can’t wait, feel free to join in on the ongoing patch and DLC beta through our IRC channel.

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