Free DLC & Steam Workshop support: June 5, 2012

It’s not quite as soon as we originally expected, but you can’t rush these sorts of things. A free DLC pack is like a relationship – it’s, um … this analogy is going nowhere. But if you really can’t wait, feel free to join in on the ongoing patch and DLC beta through our IRC channel.

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20 Responses to “Free DLC & Steam Workshop support: June 5, 2012”

  1. SirPrimalform says:

    Will this be coming to Desura too? It’s just… y’know, we’re still waiting on RotDG on Desura…

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  2. Von Random says:

    So no Desura again?

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  3. sixtyseconds says:

    How sweet, you guys are saving it for my birthday! <3

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  4. We actually packaged Diggle Gods for Desura today, but our technical contact over there seems to be out of the office or something. I’m not sure what’s up with that.

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    • Chris says:

      Any chance we’ll see these games on sometime in the neat future now that they are selling new and indie games?

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  5. keeveek says:

    You’ve done amazing job, and you still offering more stuff for FREE! Of course I will patiently wait!

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  8. SickBoy says:

    Woooo! Gonna be released on my b-day, knew you guys loved me 😀

    Super stoked for the DLC and cannot friggin wait to support future Gaslamp Games… games. Hmm.. gonna have to re-think my dollar expenditure due to this redundant wordature, which is not a word but I’ll be suing the courts of Ye Olde English..e..(e) regarding this indiscretion. Regardless, you guys are lyrical, gamical-designical geniusii(ical) and you have my vote for El Presidente de el un da er la 1999!

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  9. Charles says:

    Has there been any changes to the size of the inventory? This was the biggest issue in the game in my opinion.

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    • Patryk Nejmanowski says:

      Yeah, i many times become frustrated with how little i can carry with me. My inventory is max filled all the time and i change lots of items into lutefisk. And because of that i always lack cash when i see a col item in one of the shops.

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  10. rawk says:


    I’m pretty hype

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  11. RioGascar says:

    is the steam workshop support already avaible or will it be ready on june 5th?

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  12. Vincent says:

    I just got the RotDG expansion from Desura, it is awesome! I hope you bring this free DLC to Desura a teeny bit earlier… But I will patiently await to play another round of fun!

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  14. Suecae says:

    Looking forward to it!

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  15. pdSlooper says:

    I guess I better upgrade my flipper-to-keyboard interface…!

    (You guys are going to make a Lord Dredmor Tower Defense game, right? ;D )

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  16. Albert says:

    Not sure if this is some mod I enabled that broke it, but the first function of Fungal Arts is not working. The symbol does not appear in the toolbar, nor can I enable it. The random spores after a kill do work so not sure what the deal is.

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    • BDSb says:

      Dude. They changed it because it was really annoying. The spores are planted automatically now and as you level up the tree, you can get more and better kinds of mushrooms. So, it not a bug, it’s the new feature.

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