A bit more of Dredmor 1.0.7 and beyond

The 1.0.7 beta should be going out to you Steam users with beta access in the next day or two [edit- or Monday for sure; whenever it gets pushed to Steam], provided little else explodes. We’ll keep you posted.

This screen gave me some trouble as you can see. The challenges I faced only grew from this point.

Here's an option for the adventurer with a limited schedule in the grand tradition of Diablo II's "players 8".

New skill selection layout with room for a heck of a lot more skills (for all the modders out there); a scroll up/down widget will appear if the skills overflow the visible area. Decency demanded I blur out a few skills that aren't done yet. Hopefully no one has access to any CSI technology that can see through my trickery.

My expedition into the dungeon looking for screenshot material did not end well.

There are some other things going on too:

  • For the purposes of the 107 beta, we’ve removed “bad weapon penalty” so weapon skills will be entirely about giving bonuses. Please tell us if this is a good idea or not. Dual wield restrictions still apply as usual.
  • Some crazy mod support is going in; the way skill definitions work in XML is changed so it’s a lot more open to modification. You can, for instance, change the starting items given by a skill.
  • I forget what else. Something is probably broken. Whoever finds it gets a prize?

Of Cosplay and Dignity

In other news, speaking of prizes, anyone remember that costume contest? No one has actually entered (which probably speaks to the wisdom of our players), so this may end up as one of those contests you win for entering anything at all.

Or we may just have to sweeten the deal a bit. If in-game rewards won’t do it, do you want a t-shirt or something? Hmm; well, we’ll think of something to convince one of you to sacrifice pride on the altar of fandom.

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33 Responses to “A bit more of Dredmor 1.0.7 and beyond”

  1. Silvah says:

    Hmm, if you remove bad weapon penalty, you might need to consider reworking damage values for weapons or the like, but possibly the biggest thing on bad weapon is non-basic damage ignores bad weapon, which is the other hand of having it removed.. when doul’s possible blade is a lesser choice than a lucky craft of the Flail of pleades, and completely blown out of the water by random finding the mace of the misunderstood warlord, it skews the viability of items. Personally, early on, i ignore bad weapon/dual wield because i try finding 2 rusty daggers and rely on them till i can get some piercing.

    Also, we need some CSI on that photo, stat!

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  2. Leon says:

    T-shirt with my name in-game <3 hahaha. I think i didn't talked about how awesome your game is. If I did, then add this as a +10! 😉 Good job guys, amazing work.

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  3. Aaron says:

    It looks like this is shaping up pretty well. I’m looking forward to the next update.

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  4. SamuelMarston says:

    I have a costume in the works that should be finalizing in the next couple of days. I hope it’s worth the work and the wait.

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    • SamuelMarston says:

      And when I say “worth the work and the wait,” I don’t mean “the prize better be good.”

      I mean “I hope it turns out well in life, and not just in my head.”

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  5. CJSimmons says:

    All the info sounds good so far. If I did a costume, it’d probably be a diggle nose as presented, lol.
    I’ve been trying to spread the word about this game, but it seems like none of my friends are into roguelikes or they’re playing D&D and console games…
    Have ya’ll looked into having this put on consoles as an arcade game? That’s another source of revenue…

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  6. HEnry says:

    I’d love to beta test this new version! Hadn’t played since the 2nd patch after the game came out since most melee builds were not viable. But now I am on lvl 9 on my first try in dwarvish moderation because of the changes. I feel like I’d provide some valuable feedback! Now if only my registration for the forums would go through at some point.

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  7. Nia says:

    Throw together some full body art (Front & back ) of Mister and Miss ‘brows and I promise some results! 😉

    … I may also be suggesting putting together an art book.

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  8. jpinard says:

    Hmmm , I’m conflicted on no weapon penalty. My knee-jerk response is it’s a bad idea because it instantly changes the balance of everythig in the game, and to a certain extent means you don’t have to worry as much about maximizing your weapon abiltiy because if you find a super amazing weapon you can switch to it. Bu then again… you could switch to a super awesome weaopn you find…

    I just don’t know. May reduce replayability a bit.

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  9. SamuelMarston says:

    Here’s a little preview of things to come!


    The real delay with the costume is making eyebrows that are large enough. The diggles are weaving just as fast as they can. Trust me!

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  11. ChongLi says:

    Yes! Removing the bad weapon penalty is a major step in the right direction (towards resolving TMJ syndrome).

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  12. Jack says:

    It’s a shame to hear no one entered the Halloween competition. A tombstone on level 2 sounded like a pretty good prize. Reminded me of that famous Link to the Past competition where the winner (Chris Houlihan) was given his own room.

    Patchwise, I’m particularly excited about the No Time to Grind option- one of the criticisms of the game (e.g. from the Roguelike Radio guys) is that the floors are too big.

    Congratulations on the game, and thanks for working so hard to improve it after release.

    P.S., is that a fish enemy I see? Is no-one else intrigued? Will it be called a… Fisky?

    P.P.S, I’ve found this running Diggle.gif on Chris Triolo’s site. Interesting. I’m anticipating Diggle ambushes in the next patch: http://www.christriolo.com/DiggleFrame_fix.gif

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  13. SamuelMarston says:

    How do we get in on Beta testing the patches? I’ve seen the instructions before, but I can’t find them.

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  14. Org says:

    Is there any plans for adding Steam Cloud support for saves? I play this game off and on across a few computers(Win desktop, Win Laptop, Mac Laptop) and would like to be able to continue my eventual death at the hands of Dredmor instead of having three independent games in progress.

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  15. Tomtefar says:

    I don’t get the first picture…
    “This screen gave me some trouble as you can see.” No I don’t see… a part from that you have two dots in the name I don’t see anything wrong with it?

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    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      See, ’cause I was testing the female hero so I needed a feminine version of “David” but there’s no good female version of the name.

      The Internet tells me that “Davina” is popular in the UK, so go figure.

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  16. Agilaz says:

    I would opt to leave weapon skills as they are. Removing the penalties and making them all about bonuses does kinda impact the gameplay, especially for people like me who play almost exclusively with random skills.

    Although it would remedy TMJ, it would also mean that gathering new weapons you can use feels less rewarding, since one or two lucky rewards or crafts could pretty much render everything else you find near useless. That in turn will also tone down the game’s challenge. And let’s be honest, TMJ is a non-issue when you find a shop.

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    • SamuelMarston says:

      TMJ is also not as much of an issue if you know what you’re looking for and you exercise a little restraint.

      I’m getting better and better at it. Honest.

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      • Klotsz says:

        I thought I was getting better, too, until a diggle told me I was terrible at it. Shattered my confidence; made one of my eyebrows fall off.

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  17. lempar says:

    I’ve seen you get told repeatedly on different forums that “random” and “last” buttons need to be separate from the ordinary skills in the selection table, but you persist. Is it THAT hard to just make them SEPARATE ? Like, NOT IN THE TABLE WITH THE OTHER SKILLS ? ONE ROW LOWER ? ALL BY THEMSELVES ?

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    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      The random and last buttons are indeed outside of the matrix of skill icons now. That row on the bottom is for skills that have been selected. It’s full because I’ve got 7 skills selected already.

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  18. lol, internet says:

    Man I want to play this beta update. Primarily because
    1) The third skill from the left (on the “hidden row” of pic 3), unless I happen to be blind, looks like we finally get lycanthropy, and
    2) (in pic 4) Those look like sharks in suits. How can you make a shark more awesome? Make it wear a suit of armor and flop around, attacking people.
    3) (also in pic 4) That book tickles my fancy. Is it a crafting manual? A spell book? A blank tome you throw at Diggles? The suspense…

    { reply }
    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      Man, everyone is getting the .. lycanthropy? one. (I do not confirm or deny anything!) Guess that icon is pretty obviously read in that way.

      The new monsters, new skills, and tomes are all for the expansion, not patch 107. But we’ll be doing the expansion beta right after patch 107, so you’ll get the check out all the new stuff soon!

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  19. Arron Syaoran says:

    I can’t help but look at the Character Panel on the 4th picture. I’ve noticed 3 new equipment slots there. I don’t care if new pants or belts are expansion only or not(because ima gonna buy the expansion regardless), but will the
    New Belt, Pants, and 3rd Equipment Slots appear on the Character Panel in
    1.0.7, or will it only display in the expansion?

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    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      The belt, pants, and gloves slots will be in the core game patch 1.0.7 along with eight or so items for each for a total of 24 new items.

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  20. Gomorrha says:

    bad weapon: i am a fan of highscore lowering fun options (like the no grind option, hopes it will lower the highscore^^)

    just make an option at the char-creator to turn no bad weapon off…and design much much more fund options 😀

    just wanted to say btw that its kinda said this game cannot have any type of multiplayer (except LAN-dungeon races :D)

    keep up the excellent work! more stuff! moaaar stuff!!!

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  21. cinnamon says:

    No ‘bad weapon penalty’? A really bad idea. Who would pick any of weapon skills any more for some low dmg bonus if you can wield any weapon and choose one useful skill instead?

    Here is my idea: add one skill for a all-around warrior, something like fencing that would remove the ‘bad weapon penalty’. That would make sense. You will gain what you need but for a cost of one skill.

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  22. Forrest Loomis says:

    Any plans on getting the beta expansion in Desura for linux?

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  23. I just got the game from Humble Bundle and I kinda like it 🙂

    The only issue that I have is that it keeps segfaulting. At least the 64bit version in the GNU/Linux tarball.

    Can I help in any way resolving this bug for let’s say 1.0.8?

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  24. Wojciech Dudek says:

    Regarding the “No time to grind setting”:

    I just got the game via the Humble Bundle, and am using the aforementioned setting on Rogue difficulty. Maybe it’s just me but, the setting doesn’t seem tailored to tinkerers and other crafting characters. I’ve cleared three floors (with the exception of a monster zoo on the third). My hero has no ammo for his crossbow, nothing to throw, and no materials to craft anything with. I’ve found only one food dispenser over the course of the three floors, and consequently have 10HP and nothing to bring it up with. I get the impression that the XP may have been increased for the “less grinding” setting but the loot is decidedly less prevalent, as are dispensers for bolts and throwing weapons (I haven’t found any so far). So, it may be fine for melee characters who don’t need ammo for dealing damage but doesn’t suit throwers and archers very well.

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  25. Annorei says:

    May be a stupid question, but however: is it just me or the steam latest game version is 1.0.6? Just found out about 1.0.7 because of new steam achievements, but the game doesn’t update from 1.0.6. The steam update is not yet released or i am doing something wrong?

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  26. Alejandro Moreno says:


    I’m also wondering when will 1.0.7 will make it to steam.


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