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A Highly Dredded Birthday

A mighty sewer-brew toast to the birthday of Matthew, our esteemed sound-crafter who toils in a meat-abusing quest to please your auditory needs!

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Working hard on Dredmor beta 0.92

Let the Black Blood of the Earth flow, for Gaslamp is in crunch mode! (And I really ought to be polishing up the spells and some tilesets right now.)

This beta release is all about the spells. For example, from the school of “Mathemagic”:

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Gaslamp Games Quote File #1

I assure you, these words were uttered in perfectly reasonable game development discussions. For entertainment purposes, I have stripped them all of context. (Hmm, maybe this would more appropriately be called the “zany game-development with Nicholas quotes file”.)

Let us begin:

Nicholas: Oh, it’s used to indicate the presence of an oiled character
Nicholas: monster, rather.
Nicholas: although I suppose if the player gets oiled, that is a possibility as well.

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A Rather Dredly Birthday

Dungeons of Dredmor, a thrusty bursting from a cake at our shocked hero

A barrel of sewer brew and well-preserved, fishy birthday wishes to our oft-abused web djinn, Derek. Cheers!

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David’s Gaslamp Workspace

In a comment one Kyzak requested a post on work environs – who am I to deny such a request?

So come, dear reader; let me give you an exclusive tour of my workspaces.

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Indie Game Bingo

Let’s play Indie Game Bingo!

Yeah, so I’m a year or so behind on this one. Sue me. I saw this on an old thread on TIGsource here and a not terribly well populated blog here.

Here’s the blank sheet so you can follow along (or fill it out for your own games!):

Dungeons of Dredmor indie game bingo

Now, how does Dredmor fare?

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A Very Dredmor Birthday

Dungeons of Dredmor happy birthday image feature the Dredmor hero and Lord Dredmor himself

– Just wishing Nicholas, our bold programming wizard, a very Dredmor birthday. Today we unshackle him from his hole in the Code Mines and allow him all the sewer-brew he can pour into his gullet. Cheers!

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The Essential Attributes of a Dubious Hero

In which David rambles about why Caddishness is a character attribute in Dungeons of Dredmor

I was listening to some podcast on RPG design a while back, I forget the name of it (killer opening, eh?), and there was a line of thought brought up that went something like: “What is your RPG about?” “Hope.” “Why isn’t that a stat in the game?”

And this struck me: A game is about the mechanics of the game, regardless of what overt theme is overlaid in stilted cut-scenes. The optimal gameplay path is the message.

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