Gaslamp Games Quote File #1

I assure you, these words were uttered in perfectly reasonable game development discussions. For entertainment purposes, I have stripped them all of context. (Hmm, maybe this would more appropriately be called the “zany game-development with Nicholas quotes file”.)

Let us begin:

Nicholas: Oh, it’s used to indicate the presence of an oiled character
Nicholas: monster, rather.
Nicholas: although I suppose if the player gets oiled, that is a possibility as well.

Nicholas: It’s the tileset of exponential pleasuring
Nicholas:  …. wait.
David: Okay, here’s the thing    …good god, did that just happen?

Nicholas: So what you’re saying is that we have no coffee and 103 people who want to play the damn beta.

Nicholas: scaled up, the flesh cube is pretty fucking large.
David: I could make it smaller.
Nicholas: … I dunno. I think it has a certain, somewhat revolting, je ne sais quoi.

Nicholas: Should you be able to chop up corpses and eat them?

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  1. Lekon says:

    2. and 4. should be read together. Makes it much more horrifying.

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