A Dredmor Patch And A Very Special Dredmor Sale

As if today wasn’t exciting enough, we’re also releasing patch 1.0.11 for Dungeons of Dredmor – and we’ve put the game on sale for a fairly mad 70% off!

Brax is not pleased with this sale.

Buy Dungeons of Dredmor at 70% off! And the Realm of the Diggle Gods expansion, or the whole collection, or just pay 70% off nothing for the just-released free expansion pack (Which Must Be Named.)

There are also piles of mods available right now in the Steam Workshop for Dungeons of Dredmor!

Patch Notes Follow

Dungeons of Dredmor

  • CORE: Astrology: Made it a generally more appealing skill line.
  • CORE: Tinkering, Smithing, Alchemy, Wand Lore: Extended each crafting skill by one point, gave more passive bonuses.
  • CORE: Re-arranged and rebalanced Fleshsmithing skill line. New skill order:
    1. Zombyfycation
    2. Knit Tissue
    3. Fleshbore
    4. Meatshield
    5. Corpus Burst
    6. Miasmatic Putrefaction
  • CORE: Zombyfycation is now an area-effect spell. Summon more Zombys.
  • FIXED: dodging a monster attack will no longer trigger hungry/thirsty diggle attacks, other onhits
  • FIXED: not-working Wand Lore bonus will no longer show up on artifacts.
  • FIXED: the deprecated wand lore tag is now, finally, dead. Long may it rest.
  • Made wands generally better, many effects now scale to Wandcrafting power
  • FIXED: Quest mob monsters spawning in walls, on things, generally causing a Ruckus.
  • FIXED: some issues with shopkeepers not appearing in the right area
  • FIXED: booze, food, consume buffs now work correctly; will not crash the game.
  • FIXED: Bolt Machines. We don’t know what this means, it just says “Bolt Machines” in our notes. Oh, well.
  • FIXED: attacking with a crossbow now correctly reduces the # of attacks on attack buffs.
  • FIXED: affectsCorpses flag now works correctly on most spells.
  • FIXED: Unarmed attacks now trigger, even if you have a crossbow.
  • CORE: Added code for YHTNTEP (You Have To Name the Expansion Pack.)
  • CORE: Added code to support Steam Workshop.
  • CORE: Do not let the user load save games with mods if they do not have those mods loaded when they create the save game.
  • FIXED: About a zillion crash bugs.
  • FIXED: dodging a monster attack will no longer trigger onhits
  • FIXED: Various zoo-related crashes.
  • FIXED: Thanks to the new XML Validator, all sorts of typoes and general things-probably-broken in XML now work as intended. All hail the Validator. (Thanks Todd!)
  • FIXED: Crafting UI autorefreshes when you open it.
  • CORE: Title screen re-exported without jpeg compression artifacts
  • CORE: Added splats for a bunch of monsters missing them.
  • CORE: Skills that should give lockpicks at start now actually give lockpicks at start (Burglary, Perception)
  • CORE: Reduced trap experience gain

Realm of the Diggle Gods

  • Rooms: Added another two-lever choice room (so you don’t always know to choose the left lever).
  • ROTDG: Piracy is now… more interesting.
  • ROTDG: Piracy actually gives caddishness. For real!
  • FIXED: A broken craft tool tag or two.
  • ROTDG: Added splats for a bunch of monsters missing them.

You Have To Name The Expansion Pack

Steam Workshop

The Dredmor modding wiki is, in fact, real! Have a look if you're interesting in creating mods for Dredmor.

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27 Responses to “A Dredmor Patch And A Very Special Dredmor Sale”

  1. Rambamslammadon says:

    A free update along with a GREAT sale? I’m buying copies for my friends.

    { reply }
  2. BDSb says:

    All right, you win. You made me get Steam just for the update and expansion.

    Also, this is the Fleshsmithing I thought I was getting when I first downloaded the game! Thanks so much!

    { reply }
  3. Anon says:

    When is the update coming to HB customers? I see there’s a .tar on Desura, but just for Linux. While that enough for me, some might be unhappy about this.

    { reply }
    • Rich Harkins says:

      Where did you find the tar?

      { reply }
      • Anon says:

        On Desura, they’ve got a download available as well. But I’d rather it was on Humble as well.

        { reply }
        • Rich Harkins says:

          I meant where on Desura did you find the tar? I’m not seeing it on the Dredmor page and searches for “name expansion” don’t turn up a different product. I must be missing something obvious. I tried a re-install but no changes. I’ve upgraded to 1.0.11 but am still not seeing the content…

          { reply }
          • Desura: we’re getting the new DLC up there as soon as we can (as well as Windows builds.) We had to stop and draw art for the store, and then we have to get it hooked up by Tim,…. so it might be a bit, but we’ll get you sorted.

            Same for HIB folks, although this is an ongoing pain in the neck as they’re not set up to sell expansions whatsoever. We have a storefront that we are working on with them, but it’s an ongoing thing. Since the new DLC is free, we’ll probably just let you patch it yourself. 🙂

            { reply }
  4. Jake Reid says:

    I love the new expansion, and the fact that now dozens of other people will make even more free expansions for me, but is anyone else encountering the game freezing when you try to exit?

    { reply }
  5. Jon says:

    Just so other people don’t make the same mistake…the sale is Steam-only, so don’t go to Desura for a DRM-free version unless you’re willing to pay full price. Which, I guess I was….

    { reply }
  6. Eric Jones says:

    Ninety cents!? Hello, diggle operators? Eric’s joining you. Yes, I’ll hold.

    { reply }
  7. Legend says:

    Think there might be a similar sale for drm-free Desura? I dislike steam. 🙁

    { reply }
  8. justreader says:

    After one of the latest patches (I haven’t been playing for a while) I’m experiencing crashes on savegame under win7 and xp. Also where did recipe for molten orb go?

    { reply }
  9. Diggle guy says:

    How do i get the latest update if i get the game from a bundle?

    { reply }
  10. Makimachine says:

    I don’t know if you guys already have heard, but Felicia Day (!) mentioned Dungeons of Dredmor in her latest episode of The Flog as one of her five favorite things this week:


    { reply }
  11. wurstmitohren says:

    thank you, for trying to look out for us hib-bundle buyers. I will gladly give you some more of my money as soon as the mac version expansion is in some way available drm-free an hib-bundle compatible.

    { reply }
  12. Legend says:

    Is the steam sale over? Is there a way to play the steam version without actually needing Steam? I don’t really wanna waste the hard drive space on the main steam program.

    Is the latest updated version on desura?

    { reply }
  13. darius404 says:

    I still get a quest monster stuck in a wall every few games. Can’t seem to hurt it without destroying the wall. Sometimes, I explore the entire floor and can’t find the monster, it won’t show up on the minimap if its stuck in a wall.

    { reply }
    • darius404 says:

      And it might just be me, but Big Game Hunter’s Butchery procs all the time, even though I don’t have the skill. Pretty sure that isn’t supposed to happen.

      { reply }
      • darius404 says:

        Butchery will even proc without the monster dying, too. There’s nothing quite like hitting a bird (or diggle) and having meat spawn at it’s feet as it continues attacking you.

        { reply }
      • darius404 says:

        Oh, and it procs from non-animals too (such as Evil Magic Potatoes).

        { reply }
      • Troacctid says:

        Are you wielding a cookbook? The cookbook tome (whatever its name is) comes with a chance of Butchery procs when you attack.

        { reply }
        • darius404 says:

          Really? I didn’t know that. That’s probably it, I found a cookbook in a lot of my runthroughs. Whew, that’s a relief

          { reply }
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