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GASLAMP VR: The Future Of Indie Gaming

April 1st, 2014 — Gaslamp Games, Inc., independant game developers and makers of the critically acclaimed Dungeons of Dredmor, formerly deep in production on Clockwork Empiresare pleased to announce an exciting new direction for the studio. “The future of gaming is here,” said Gaslamp Games Technical Director Nicholas Vining, pausing a moment to pull a slug of whiskey. “We’re going to build VR the indie way.”

Look into the face of the FUTURE OF GAMING. Do you see it yet? Keep looking! KEEP LOOKING UNTIL YOU SEE IT.

Look into the face of the FUTURE OF GAMING. Do you see it yet? Keep looking! KEEP LOOKING UNTIL YOU SEE IT.

Fully embracing cross-platform compatibility, the GASLAMP VR development prototype rig is carefully constructed from three iPhones and an Android. “The Busted Up Old iPad Taped To Your Arm peripheral is a feature we’ve been exploring for the so-called ‘power-users’ I’ve been hearing so much about on the ‘information superhighway’ ” explained Gaslamp Games CEO / Studio Director Daniel “Burning Hand” Jacobsen as he stroked a perfectly white Persian cat. “We decided that market disruption required a radical pivot to synergizing our core competencies with partners in cloud space,” he continued, addressing a corner of the office filled with stacks of shipping foam and a sad-looking umbrella.

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Blood & Steam: A Clockwork Empires FPS

We have finally returned from GDC! (Except David, who, lacking the smartphone that, apparently, every other 21st century human possesses, is wandering around the Bay Area stopping only to sleep & quietly feed in secret Vegan Safehouses.) We had a great time (except for that one thing), drank with a lot of people, and went to a number of fascinating talks about new opportunities in the Free-to-Play gaming market on mobile, Android devices.

We were also able to sign some deliciously long-simmering business deals at GDC, and have secured additional funding for our work from various interested parties, including a Major Console Developer. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to fully leverage our suite of intellectual properties in the next-generation console and mobile spaces. In order to uniquely leverge our leverage, we have “revamped” Clockwork Empires in order to make it more suitable for next-generation consoles. Market-driven research, made possible by our new funding, has revealed that gamers don’t actually enjoy complex simulations or sandbox-based gameplay. Instead, they want two things out of their videogame dollars:

  1. To be connected with, emotionally, at an intense, raw, and devastating level that can only be made possible by next-generation consoles.
  2. Gears, possibly attached to turrets.

As you guys know, we at Gaslamp pride ourselves in taking a genre and putting our unique, zany spin on it. To this end, uh… let’s just do a press release.

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The new Gaslamp Games office

As insinuated and/or implied via the Twittersphere and elsewise, we’ve finally got some pictures of the new office to show.

Left: Our neighbours' lovely building gives inspiration to texture artists everywhere. Right: Practicing the traditional Scottish art of the minifridge-toss. Joseph is wary; Nicholas don't care.

The move itself was moderately grueling. Nicholas and I agreed that the ability to live-tweet our adventures through darkest Richmond to find IKEA form the most compelling reason for either of us to finally get a smartphone. While heading in a direction that turned out to be about 270 degrees off my intended course, I sighted a Tofu Soup House and had to be restrained, then some point we crossed the Fraser river, broke an axle, someone got dysentery, and Nicholas and I finally found the Swedish Death Star and set ourselves up for some Sherlock-style jokes, somehow.

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