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The new Gaslamp Games office

As insinuated and/or implied via the Twittersphere and elsewise, we’ve finally got some pictures of the new office to show.

Left: Our neighbours' lovely building gives inspiration to texture artists everywhere. Right: Practicing the traditional Scottish art of the minifridge-toss. Joseph is wary; Nicholas don't care.

The move itself was moderately grueling. Nicholas and I agreed that the ability to live-tweet our adventures through darkest Richmond to find IKEA form the most compelling reason for either of us to finally get a smartphone. While heading in a direction that turned out to be about 270 degrees off my intended course, I sighted a Tofu Soup House and had to be restrained, then some point we crossed the Fraser river, broke an axle, someone got dysentery, and Nicholas and I finally found the Swedish Death Star and set ourselves up for some Sherlock-style jokes, somehow.

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