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Clockwork Empires February Update: All According To Glorious Design

We gathered some Vicars together to discuss the latest patch & they decided that everything was going –


This update will go live to every Clockwork Empires player via Steam!

We have also updated our Clockwork Empires: Development Progress Report! It contains the wondrous annotated changelog.

(Don’t own the game? Clockwork Empires can be purchased on via Humble or from Steam.)

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Major Changes

  • Building creator, module placer, zone creator rewritten! Building stuff is more accurate, more efficient, and all-around improved! 200% of the rich flavour you demand!
  • Added happiness-to-workshift system: Now emotions matter. The happier your colonists are – well, your overseers anyway – the longer your work crews will work.
  • Science!
  • Chapel doctrines!
  • Optimization!

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The Diary of Millard Brazenwhistle, Naturalist

It’s been a busy week with the big September update – “Conscript Steelcog versus THE MURDERCULT” – launched yesterday. Let’s explore a little of the new tropical biome introduced in the update by reading some excerpts from The Diary of Millard Brazenwhistle, Naturalist.

Millard Brazenwhistle came to the Colonies seeking to build a new life on the frontier. He worships at the altar of celestial order. He has pledged allegiance to the Queen. He was born in the 47th year of the Reign of the Queen. Millard Brazenwhistle is a fine specimen with a stance neither above nor below that which is appropriate. Friends: Sadly, none.

Millard Brazenwhistle is an Enthusiastic Amateur who likes dabbling in things he’s not very good at. He is a Industrious, believing that idle hands do the work of terrifying eldritch powers. He is a Pioneering Spirit who is happiest outdoors and works well with animals, dead or alive. He had an unpleasant journey to the Colonies due to a fear of airship travel.

“It’s just so bloody far to the ground, I don’t see how everyone can just pretend that we might not go tumbling to our death at any second.”


“We were dropped off by airship in the middle of the jungle. The fishperson must have been as surprised as we were! Our brave soldiers gunned it down quickly before it could alert its fellows of our position. Mrs. Clucksworth is unsettled by this unknown biome and accompanies me everywhere.”

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Pre-Alpha Testing Has Commenced (Whatever That Is)

The grim realities of testing.

Well, it’s started.  A very small number of builds have gone out into the wild, with minimal functionality, as part of a systems compatibility test.  We have disabled pretty much everything but getting people to keep themselves alive, and some ramifications for not doing so, the least of which probably being death.  Again, the possibility space is very limited with this build so we can focus on the really important stuff like hardware compatibility.

We will gradually be enabling features on the builds that are in the wild, and at the same time increasing the number of participants in our Experiments.  If you’re interested in participating, please sign up for “testing” via the mailing list at – I promise we won’t send you any news you don’t sign up for (we hate it when people do that, so we’re not going to be those people).

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