Pre-Alpha Testing Has Commenced (Whatever That Is)

The grim realities of testing.

Well, it’s started.  A very small number of builds have gone out into the wild, with minimal functionality, as part of a systems compatibility test.  We have disabled pretty much everything but getting people to keep themselves alive, and some ramifications for not doing so, the least of which probably being death.  Again, the possibility space is very limited with this build so we can focus on the really important stuff like hardware compatibility.

We will gradually be enabling features on the builds that are in the wild, and at the same time increasing the number of participants in our Experiments.  If you’re interested in participating, please sign up for “testing” via the mailing list at – I promise we won’t send you any news you don’t sign up for (we hate it when people do that, so we’re not going to be those people).

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21 Responses to “Pre-Alpha Testing Has Commenced (Whatever That Is)”

  1. Sigma says:

    So, if we signed up for the mailing list (and clicked the lovely “are you interested in testing CE” box) then a person would be good to go? Also from the looks of the post the pre-alpha was sent out randomly?

    It’s way too late for me to be commenting on a blog post. Anyways congrats!

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    • The current pre-alpha list is (I think) 7 people that are pathologically patient that we’ve worked with before, and some of our more adventurous and savvy friends and family.

      Once we’re through with this level of testing, the next wave will involve random selection from the mailing list pool 🙂

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  2. Erik says:

    As someone who’s been waiting to get into Hearthstone’s beta for twothreefourfive months, this is the most exciting and disappointing blog post ever.

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  3. Tias says:

    I’m a bit disappointed the final tag wasn’t “where we going, we won’t need eyes to see!”

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  4. Travis says:

    Good to hear

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  5. Aging Minotaur says:

    Smart to start out with a small group of testers, never mind cries of disappointment. What I do wonder at this point, however, is if you already have an idea of what the system requirements would be, approximately (eg. will Intel HD 4000 suffice as a graphics card)?

    Good luck!

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  6. Luitjens says:

    I just watched Event Horizon the other night… lol!

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  7. Thomas says:

    Suddenly the bug reports you get back are just a .txt file filled over and over again with
    and reports of computers oozing green slime and making strange noises when starting the game.
    (Unless thats just something that normally happens with computers in Canada)

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  8. dowdpride says:

    Very excited! here I am just hoping that my email gets chosen. Perhaps I should sacrifice some sort of small animal to the dark gods for luck…

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  9. dowdpride says:

    Depends. Did they have beards or no? If they don’t have beards than no, but if they do their souls are still in possession. Also, do annoying people count as vegetables?

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  10. Icio says:

    Ciao ragazzi,come state?spero bene,stò aspettando il vostro gioco da tempo con ansia perché sembra davvero molto bello,adoro i builder games con l’aggiunta di molte varianti come questo,molto interessante,volevo chiedervi se uscirà con scatola o solo in software da scaricare e se uscirà anche in italiano,ciao grazie!

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    • (Replying thanks to the omnipotence of google translate, I’m sorry if this is the worst Italian you have ever read!)
      (Rispondendo grazie alla onnipotenza di google translate, mi dispiace se questo è il peggiore italiano che abbia mai letto!)

      Ciao Icio 🙂

      Il nostro primo gioco non è stata effettuata con la capacità di tradurre facilmente in altre lingue. E ‘stato un errore enorme.

      Siamo stati scriviamo CE in un modo che dovrebbe rendere abbastanza facile da tradurre, e ci piacerebbe farlo, ma non abbiamo alcuna italiani sul personale. Tuttavia, spero che sarà possibile per le persone a fare le proprie traduzioni di condividere, e se nessuno è in grado di farlo, faremo tutto il possibile per mettere le risorse che abbiamo alle traduzioni.

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  11. Bluerps says:

    “Please don’t file reports when the geometries are all wrong” … because that is just the Second Sign of Quag’garoth, and is therefore not caused by the game?

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  12. Icio says:

    Tanks Daniel good job!!!

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