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Preview Roundup & Beta Thoughts

These are exciting days at Gaslamp Games. Publicity is kicking up momentum and the game is nearing completion. A handful of sites have been writing previews for Dungeons of Dredmor (hey, if you’re a writer, drop us a line to the contact email in the sidebar). Our beta testers have been furiously breaking things as well and I’ve got a few thoughts on that to share.

And here’s a diggle.

But let’s have a look at those previews first eh?

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Registration Issues

Well thanks to some trial and error from a helpful user I have addressed the issue with some users getting the message, “Banned IP address”. Hopefully no one took offense to the wrongful banning. We don’t hate you guys, that’s for the diggles. If you ever get into any website related issues please feel free to email me at webmaster (at) and I’ll hop right on any issue or take any feedback you may have. Now back to my cave.

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