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PAX 2012 Booth

Setup and ready to go!

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A New Forum Upgrade Approaches…

Awhile back there was a comment that we needed a forum.  I dug around and came up with bbPress which was simple but devoid of any features and was a waste of space.  Our current forums, Vanilla, were a quick and dirty upgrade which we thought wouldn’t get much use.  How wrong we were.

Tonight at 8pm Pacific time I will be locking the forums and stopping all new user registrations in preparation of the new software, XenForo.  In this time I will be importing all users from WordPress, our current master database, into XenForo.  Your passwords will be maintained through this move but feel free to change your password after the move.

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Registration Reopened

User registration has been reopened.  If you experience any issues with registration, logging in, password changes, forum sign in, or forum posting please let me know with any details you have.

Thank you for your patience while the issues were sorted out.

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New User Registration Suspended

New user registration has been temporarly suspended in order to make sure any new users do not have problems logging into the forums.

If you would like to be notified when you can again register please feel free to send an email to webmaster (at) and I will personally notify you when you can again register.

To keep up to date with this issue please check the following forum topic:

Sorry for any inconvenience and we hope to welcome new members to our community soon.

UPDATE 1 – (August 1st, 2011): I have painstankely re-added missing users to the forums.  I am going to keep new user registration closed until I am sure everyone who is already here can log in and post without issue.

As before if you have any issues please let me know at webmaster (at)

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Registration Issues

Well thanks to some trial and error from a helpful user I have addressed the issue with some users getting the message, “Banned IP address”. Hopefully no one took offense to the wrongful banning. We don’t hate you guys, that’s for the diggles. If you ever get into any website related issues please feel free to email me at webmaster (at) and I’ll hop right on any issue or take any feedback you may have. Now back to my cave.

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New User Registration Temporarily Disabled

New user registration will be temporarily disabled until Sunday March 13th at 5pm while our forums are upgraded and database cleanup is run.

Thank you for your patience while we get things ready for Dungeons of Dredmor’s arrival in the coming month.

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Distracting Time Sinks

After many hours spend in terminal working out our beloved server I occasionally need a project that servers no purpose other than to distract me.  The most recent of these projects involves these guys:

Head Programmer

Head Programmer

Head Artist

Head Artist

Head Head?

Head Head?

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100th Post! Dredmor Release Date! New Video!

Happy Hundredth Post! In celebration of this fact, and our live Twitter debugging experiment, we present a special video:

It’s official: Dungeons of Dredmor is going to be headed out in April, 2011. Stay tuned for an exact release date; we’re just signing little pieces of paper.

Some additional website news:

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