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Registration Issues

Well thanks to some trial and error from a helpful user I have addressed the issue with some users getting the message, “Banned IP address”. Hopefully no one took offense to the wrongful banning. We don’t hate you guys, that’s for the diggles. If you ever get into any website related issues please feel free to email me at webmaster (at) and I’ll hop right on any issue or take any feedback you may have. Now back to my cave.

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On the Forums

The good news: we have people who want to access the forums. This is good, if a bit out of character.

The bad news: we’ve had a number of people who have tried to sign up but have received messages about “Banned IP Addresses.” Rest assured, we love all of you, and your IP is probably not banned deliberately. Derek, our top-of-the-line webmaster, has been roused from his smoky Chicago office and is desperately scrambling to find the neural stimulyzer needed to repair our malfunctioning websoftware. We’ll let you know when it’s working; in the mean time, if you too have suffered from a banned IP address, let us know via the contact information conveniently located in the panel on your right.

This would be a good time to come hang out with us on Twitter. Just saying.

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New User Registration Temporarily Disabled

New user registration will be temporarily disabled until Sunday March 13th at 5pm while our forums are upgraded and database cleanup is run.

Thank you for your patience while we get things ready for Dungeons of Dredmor’s arrival in the coming month.

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From the Piles of Energy Drinks

While our standard structure of posting weekly has fallen faster than a tree in a logging area I felt it important to update everyone about something that has slipped past me in these last few months. We use a great plugin called WPBook to feed posts that we make here on the blog directly to our Facebook page. Unbeknownst to me, there was a change in the way in which WPBook handles posts to our page’s wall in a recent update. While it still posted they were not in the correct format and many of you were redirect to the app’s back-end feed. I have remedied the problem and everything to be back to the way I originally designed it. For those of you who are our fan on Facebook our title links will not directly take you the blog. For those of you who are not our fans, why not?

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More WordPress Hacking, Now with Tastier Facebook Posts

It has been quite awhile since my last post and that can only mean one thing, tons of boring server side work that no one but myself cares or understands. Thankfully I have something to share with the masses!

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Holy Redesign Batman

Gaslamp Games just a bit better looking. Hold on there young guns… she’s not quite legal yet. We are experimenting with a new layout method that does have some benefits as far a loads times but it comes with the price of mis-rendering at lower width resolutions. Fear not, this mistakes shall soon be fixed and the beauty of a liquid design paired with lightning fast load times shall be had again. In the meantime why don’t you check out our Forums. As an added benefit of registration is that you will share the same logins between both the forum and the blog so you can leave comments easier.


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Three Small Pieces of Verbal Diarrhea

Three quickies:

– We are pleased as punch to announce that Chris Dykstra has joined Gaslamp Games as our Director of Business Development (although that said, since we let you make up your own job titles here at Gaslamp, he could be ANYTHING.) Chris is handling our distribution and publisher liasoning needs, general community building, and media contacts. At some point we may even get him a real Gaslamp e-mail address.

– We just sent a build of Dredmor off to some publisher-distributor type people who wanted a look at it. This is very exciting. Hopefully, more on this later. Let’s not jinx it.

– Have you tried our forums yet? Forums are cool.

There’s some other stuff coming down the pipeline really, really soon now. I’m excited.

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Gaslamp Portrait Sketches

For the Great Gaslamp Webpage Revival I’ve started drawing steampunk portraits of the crew of the good ship Gaslamp Games.

(click to view full size)

From left to right: Nicholas, deranged technologist/bootlegger; David (myself), foppish art-lord; Derek, internet-tube engineer; and Daniel, merchant of ludology and man of science.

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