100th Post! Dredmor Release Date! New Video!

Happy Hundredth Post! In celebration of this fact, and our live Twitter debugging experiment, we present a special video:

It’s official: Dungeons of Dredmor is going to be headed out in April, 2011. Stay tuned for an exact release date; we’re just signing little pieces of paper.

Some additional website news:

We have said goodbye to del.icio.us as a way to share our stories with our social bookmarking tool, and Twitter has taken its place in the ranks. Combined with our own URL shortener, glg.me, you now have some of the most popular options available to share Exciting Gaslamp Games News with your friends, family, spouse, coworkers, random acquaintainces, and that weird shouty guy with the owl collection – all while never leaving the comfort of the Internet.

Remember, the Internet loves you and wants you to be happy. And so does Gaslamp Games.

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7 Responses to “100th Post! Dredmor Release Date! New Video!”

  1. Lekon says:

    Wooooot! Looking excellent. Lots of little jokes I had to pause to catch, which is always a bonus.

    Now I’m just stoked to see the actual skill trees/skill choices, I saw a brief bit of a hero with several magic abilities and throwing stars. Ninja Wizard?

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  3. Brian says:

    Very awesome trailer and I heartily approve of the vast array of cheeses.

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  4. Daynab says:

    Sweeto! I can’t wait! You guys have been awesome with answering input too. I’d expect a pretty large following from SA when the game is out.

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  5. Kyzak says:

    Oh, boy! I’ve been followin’ this since Roguetemple first mentioned it, and it appears it’s really shaping up! This is a definite buy for me- are there any plans for preordering? I would love to throw all of my money at you people as soon as possible~

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    • AdminDerek Bonner says:

      We are debating if we are going to be doing pre-orders at some point in the near future. If you follow us on our blog/facebook/twitter and an announcement will be made when we finalize the details.

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  6. jemarch says:

    What a wonderful GUI to nethack would this be! 🙂

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