Diggle News!

Diggles are shipping! People have already started receiving shipping notices saying that a “yellow bird with a white beak in a plastic bag” (plus sketches) are headed their way. International shipping should now also be available to just about everywhere, and anybody who has problems with international shipping should e-mail ShouldBee, our partners in Diggle Crime, at international@shouldbee.com for assistance.

ShouldBee has asked us to note that they have been adding one sketch per *order* – so if you ordered twelve Diggles, you will get twelve Diggles and one sketch. This is because there are a limited number of sketches and we want everybody to enjoy David’s fine doodlings (or, alternately, my programmer art.) If your Diggle arrives, why not let us know? Put up a photo on the forums or in the comments and let the world see your new fuzzy yellow companion.

Happy Halloween, everybody! And don’t forget the Canadian Indie Bundle is STILL ON SALE.

it tasted the rainbow and now it must pay

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6 Responses to “Diggle News!”

  1. Althea says:

    I see no contest details as promised by Twitting and the tags. I feel betrayed.

    I’m sad now.

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  2. Kamisma says:

    At first I was excited but then :
    ” USPS Express Mail International $46.40 ”

    Come on, 46$ to ship a plushie to France ? Here i thought canadians were friendly and all.

    No Diggle for me then, I’ll be in my bunk, pouting =(

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  3. Godwin says:

    Yup $45 to Netherlands as well… crazyness.
    I guess me too will have to make do without 🙁
    And I really liked the idea of some art as well..
    …and my birthday is coming up.. but sorry, more than tripling the amount for shipping? no thanks.

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