Community Spotlight #6

Hi folks! I haven’t written one of these in a while. We’ve been busy with some… really exciting stuff related to modding that we should be able to announce soon.

But in the meantime I wanted to showcase two excellent modders’ works, lccorp2 and FaxCelestis.

Radiant Wizard by lccorp2

“You have immersed yourself in the energies of all things luminous to gain great power, at the cost of your physical body deteriorating.”

Radiant Wizard is designed to transform you into the ultimate glass cannon and that it does. As pure a Wizard skill as it can be, your offensive capabilities will become limitless, but the tradeoff is extreme.

With every point put into the skill, you get penalties to your health, physical stats and defenses. On top of that, when you get hit in melee you’ll get more and more debuffs.

You’re not entirely helpless though. Amongst the straightforward offensive spells like Prismatic Spray (a spell which uses all damage types), you get access to an AoE that stuns monsters in a radius around you, and a spell that buffs your defenses but with heavy mana costs. The ultimate ability, Transcendence, turns you into a powerful dragon and wreaks havoc upon your surroundings.

All in all this is one of the only pure wizard mods out there and is definitely enjoyable if you’re itching for some spellslinging. I recommend having some escape skills however because you really don’t want to be ambushed with these melee combat penalties.

  Inquisitor by FaxCelestis

“The hammer of righteousness is strong in your arm!”

Inquisitor is a warrior skill not far off from your typical paladin but it has a few surprises. Unlike most warrior skills this one uses mana to power abilities.

Your first ability, Smite Evil,  only works against undead and demons. Thankfully the rest of the abilities work against everything, preventing the mod from being a one-trick pony.

That's a cheeky little bat.

The Inquisitor’s arsenal includes brittle attack and defense buffs, passive resistances, and even a huge heal spell that costs a lot of mana. Perhaps the most interesting ability, Know Thine Enemy, reduces the overall stats of monsters and silences them. It has a low cost so you can use it on pretty much anything, making fighting magic-using enemies much easier.

This mod is a solid choice for melee users who desire to spend their mana, something I’ve personally always wanted. It’s solid all around without being too powerful.

That’s it for this spotlight! Stay tuned for more amazing work made by our community. As always you can find a lot of us on the IRC channel or on our forums.


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  1. Psiweapon says:

    *first post dance*

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  2. Essence says:

    Too bad Daynab is so busy with Secret Projects, because both of these modders have some FANTASTIC other mods on the forums — Iccorp2’s Roguish Renovation and FaxCelestis’ multi-skill FaxPax are both must-haves for any DoD fan looking for top-notch new content. Both of these dudes are totally badass.

    (Which reminds me…)

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