Community Spotlight #5

Hi everyone! This week’s mod showcase doesn’t really have a theme. It’s simply about two mods I enjoyed the concept and execution of, by two different modders.

I’m going to be describing the most notable abilities in each.

Firstly we have…

 Practical Geology by Null

This mod is an effort to make you, as Null says, “a melee power caster”. It pretty much transforms you in a walking tank that creates earthquakes everywhere, and gives you situational tools as well. All the abilities use cooldowns instead of mana.

The first ability, “Stone Fist”, is both a buff and a debuff. It reduces critical by 70 and counter by 35, but adds 5 melee power, making your hits much harder early game. What’s ingenious about it is that it’s also useful late game against enemies that have way too high critical chance.

“Seismic Uppercut” is a ranged attack that also dazes. It’s very useful against enemy spellcasters and its cooldown is low enough that you can cast it in most fights. This tree also has two stat upgrades which give a decent boost to your defense and resistances.

“Petrify” lets you lock them down and damage them over time, but also when used on yourself keeps you from harm for a few turns. The final ability, “Earthquake”, affects a huge area. This damages all the enemies around you in a giant radius, and stuns or dazes depending on how far they are. Needless to say, you feel pretty badass doing it.

This is a solid mod for anybody who enjoys playing melee characters. The duality of buffs and debuffs let them stay useful late game as well.

  Dire Gourmand by Rarefied Horse Meat

Have you ever wanted to play as a drunken combat chef? This mod is for you. It’s a decent skill both for melee and mages because of the damage boosts and the bunch of booze it gives you.

It starts you out with a proc that does some damage around and buffs your defenses for a couple hits, smoothing the early melee difficulty. Distill Enemy creates booze some of the time when you kill enemies (as well as damage enemies even more occasionally.)

You then get yet another offensive/defensive proc that works in melee, called “We’ll Even Throw in a Set of Steak Knives”. It remains pretty balanced however due to its low damage.

The last two abilities are the ones I found funniest; “For Medicinal Use Only”, a sustained buff that “expands your mind” and grants you resistances, and “Fat, but Not Jolly”, a chance of knocking back monsters with your huge belly.

I would see this mod most useful for a hybrid melee/mage character as it helps both pretty equally. I especially enjoyed the mental imagery the last ability gives you.

As always, check out the index for amazing mods, and take care until next time!

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4 Responses to “Community Spotlight #5”

  1. Kino5 says:

    They are in my list of mods to try, but I think I’m gonna try them earlier than expected!

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  2. Essence says:

    Can vouch for both of these. Null’s stuff is always particularly well-balanced and graceful, and Dire Gourmand in particular is a lot of sheer chaotic fun. 🙂

    { reply }
  3. Ben says:

    Cool story, but kind of useless until the game works on OS X again.

    { reply }
  4. deubeuliou says:

    Hi Gaslamp folks,
    I’ve been coming here once a week since I got Dungeons of Dredmor as part of the Humble Bundle… I’ve read a few times that the “saved games” bug was going to be fixed very soon… but the version in the HIB download page is from the end of December …
    Is there ever going to be an update ?
    I would love to play DoD again 🙁

    { reply }

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