Community Spotlight #2

Hi everybody, it’s modding time again! Last week I talked about a few melee/crafting mods, so it’s fair to delve in sorcery this time around. These are two skills I enjoyed playing with because they add variety and support to existing magic options.

Wind Magic

“You are the master of all winds in the sealed off underground dungeon with no access to the sky.”

Clearly, the description was enough to intrigue me.

This skill is based both on utility and damage. The first ability is a frontal AoE with knockback, which would also be useful to non-mages. The second lets you fly gracefully is a teleport with an added dodge and sneakiness bonus.
The next three let you silence monsters, stun them, and move around the battlefield all while doing damage.

As you can see, they’re designed to work with most builds, but the cost will be steep for melee characters.

The capstone ability is probably the most fun to use, creating a large storm around you that buffs you, rains on all nearby tiles and strikes enemies with lightning for many turns to debuff and kill them.

As a whole, Null’s mod is all about options since it can be a support skill, a main damage skill and even complement more physical character builds.


Some people are just born cooler than others. Some people gain magical powers from their excessive levels of coolness. You are one of those people.”

Since it’s not my case in real life, I was looking forward to doing so in game. I became cold as ice.

Terrible jokes aside, this skill is a good Hyperborean excellent counterpart to Promethean Magic and can hold its own very well.

It starts with a single-target damaging spell with included root, and the second gives you access to a mana recovery ability right away. You might think it’s overpowered, but you’ll most likely need a different way to deal damage on cold-resisting enemies which are plentiful throughout the game.

The next spells are a knockback, a teleport, and a tile-based damage/debuff, respectively. They bring variety to your arsenal and I had little trouble going through floors 3 and 4 with them.

The capstone lets you hide in a tomb of ice that looks suspiciously like rocks. It’s a great panic button though.

Blind Piper’s creation remains enjoyable through the entirety of its spells and is an excellent addition for people who enjoy watching monsters die from afar.

That’s it for this week! I recommend you check the mod index once in a while as the mods are still steadily trickling in. Finally, as always, we’ll be happy to see you on the forums and IRC.

In Another Goings-on …

Hi there, this is David jumping in to add a little bit to the end of the post here.

Last week an unwitting fan, Sam, wrote to us asking for a birthday drawing for his friend. I figured, what’s the harm? (He also claims to worship Diggles as gods-under-the-earth. I’ve mentioned that Dredmor fans are nuts, right?)

So this happened. They printed and framed the drawing for their birthday-having friend Kino. (Now I wish I’d spent more time on the drawing!)

Happy birthday to Kino from Gaslamp Games!

Apparently Kino has a problem with saving his high-power bolts because he might need them later. They won't help you when you're dead, man! (Click the above image for the original comic.)

Of course now I have to draw a birthday comic for everyone who asks. Oops.

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9 Responses to “Community Spotlight #2”

  1. Michael says:

    “Of course now I have to draw a birthday comic for everyone who asks. Oops.”
    I’ll hold you to that 🙂

    { reply }
  2. Bloodhit says:

    Gj! Happy birthday!

    { reply }
  3. anonymouse says:

    In our hearts we all know that Hyperborea is the real gangsta’s paradise.

    { reply }
  4. Leonardo says:

    Oh snap! My birthday was a month ago! I must invent a time-travelling device! For science!

    { reply }
  5. Wootah says:

    Wow, I had no idea that many people worked at gaslamp!

    { reply }
    • I think that’s a picture of the party =)

      Everyone currently involved with Gaslamp is on the drawing in the “About” section (with the exception of our intrepid animator, who we should really get in there).

      { reply }
  6. Dakota S says:

    Those mods look quite neat, One of the things that make this game so great is that there is room for the community to improve a game that in my opinion is almost perfect.

    { reply }
  7. Kino5 says:

    Wow David, thanks for this, it means a lot to me and my friends 😀

    Five of us are Dredmor players already, and some more said they’ll give it a try after that birthday party. Also, I want to mention that one more friend is out of the picture, since someone had to take the photo, so, Carlos, I know you were there too 😉

    Once again, thanks for this, and see you in the forums 🙂

    { reply }
  8. Awes says:


    I was at that party, and was worthwhile just to see his face.

    In my last play I saved 5 high-power bolts for Dredmor, and I’m not doing that again, It’s a really bad idea. I almost got killed in a monster Zoo in level 10.

    Thanks for the awesome comic! 😀

    { reply }

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