I’ll just leave this here.

What’s coming to Dredmor in the near future? I’ll leave the answer to that question to frivolous hearsay and idle speculation. (Please, if you so desire, commence!)

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26 Responses to “I’ll just leave this here.”

  1. Harven says:

    Awesome. Just seeing the pictures has me excited for the next update!

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  2. Locke says:

    Hm… I don’t get it… Wait, I know! You’re using brighter colors!

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  3. j01 says:

    Yes, please. I really need a good excuse to buy a copy of this game for my sister. I would have already, but I hate recommending games to her where the protagonist can’t be female.

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  4. Lekon says:

    Is the one next to the batty a skill called “The power of boobs compel you!” ?

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  5. Edell says:

    I get it, you guys are adding the “Transvestimonancy” magic school, right ?

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  6. Bloodhit says:

    This is absolutely great!

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  7. Giora says:

    Forget about pants, are those earings?!?!

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  8. Bluerps says:

    What is this? A female hero? Preposterous! Women are meant to keep the home of the hero clean, and prepare his Deep Omelettes when he returns after a hard day of adventuring.

    Seriously: She’s great! I look forward to slay Dredmor with her. 😀

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  10. schtick says:

    God I love a woman with enormous … eyebrows. I wonder if she likes Lutefisk too? She would be pretty damn perfect if she did …

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  11. Michael Henry says:

    Damn guys… I bought this game just after it came. It’s awesome that you keep pouring time into it. Thanks a lot for the great game.

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  12. RaytraceRat says:

    I got more hours in this game than Fallout3, Witcher 2 and DeusEx:HR together. You should charge at least 90pounds for it.
    And with She-brows patch incoming I think my parter will buy it too 🙂

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  13. SirPrimalform says:

    This looks really cool, although I do wonder what that second skill is.

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  14. metsfan12694 says:

    now we can have a pair of pants called “the traveling pants.”

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  15. ffs says:

    Wow. When you guys said female player sprite, I wasn’t expecting something so different. Aside from the obvious difference, she looks more mature and collected than the regular Dredmor guy. It’ll be interesting to play.

    Wait, are those new skills? NEW SKILLS?

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  16. Yoda says:

    The eyebrows are a bit too small.

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  17. JohnM says:

    Those eyebrows aren’t real…. psh.

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  18. David says:

    Clearly eyebrow implants!

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  19. SamuelMarston says:

    So hot.

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  20. Darvid says:

    I wants to know: all icons for a single skill? Seizure-ridden Vampire Secret Agent with Glowing Hand skill?

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    • Godwin says:

      So intrigued, so very very intrigued by the batty-with-eyebrows… If we can turn into some batty with a new skill that will be epic!

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  21. Norrec says:

    I need to correct myself, their dodge chance, or increase enemy dodge reduction.

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  22. Fresh Tints says:

    Oh man, dem eyebrows.

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  23. Stacie says:

    Thank you, seriously. I love being able to choose a female protagonist, and she looks just as ready for adventure as he does. #bravo

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