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How To Set People On Fire

Or another day of learning how to do Lua scripting with artists. (It’s easier than you think.)

It's simple, really.

Just click the button. You monster.

I’ve been excited about the possibilities for our scripting system to handle fire and fire propagation for some time and finally made the chance to start working on it this last week while I was delving into some combat scripting (and that with regard to making The Troubles With Fish People more aesthetically pleasing).

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Dredmor Wallpaper on PC Gamer

PC Gamer (which named Dungeons of Dredmor its Indie Game of 2011) is showing off a nice new Dungeons of Dredmor wallpaper drawn by yours truly. Check it out on their site.

For your edutainment, I’ve taken images from the painting in various stages of progression, from initial sketch to final form, which you can view in chronological order in the land beyond the cut.

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