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Clockwork Empires 1.0 launched!

Clockwork Empires version 1.0 has emerged, glistening, from its development-spore and launched on Steam! We are out of Early Access and into the wild frontier that calls for Colonial Bureaucrats to manage bustling colonies and chop down all the trees and maybe start a cult maybe for Progress and Civilization! You can purchase Clockwork Empires through Steam or the Humble Store (which provides a Steam key*) for a 10% discount for the next week!

* We will be setting up non-Steam distribution of Clockwork Empires via the Humble Store and possibly other online distributors in the near future. 

The Development Progress Report has been updated with a full annotated changelog for version 55A to version 1.0. We’ll put the full changelog at the end of this post for those interested in seeing what the last month month of Early Access has brought to the game.

This is not, of course, the end of work on Clockwork Empires: We shall be continuing support for game stability and bugfixes, and we have a list of additional content and some small features we’d like to add post-release.

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Space Aliens Made Us Forget That It’s Wednesday

We almost forgot about the blog post today. There are a few possible explanations here. Either David went off to Thanksgiving-land and took with him a sizable portion of our scheduling acumen, or since we keep finding things that have slightly changed around the office that don’t make sense, we must have lost twenty-four hours of time like in that Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode, “Clues” (where the crew of the USS Enterprise keeps finding things that have slightly changed around the office that don’t make sense, leading them to believe that they have lost twenty-four hours of time).


Anyhow, patch 45 went well. People seem generally pleased with the decision tree code and how it’s working; the military does their job perhaps too efficiently, to the point of starving to death if you leave them rallying for too long. (We’ll fix that.) Building decor has been a hit, and the main source of confusion that we are currently trying to track down involves food production, which seems to be fine for some people and occupying 50% of colonists in a colony for others. (We’re working on figuring out exactly what this second set of individuals is doing. Mr. Triolo is busy consulting a complicated series of charts and muttering “oh dearie dearie me” while nervously fiddling with an astrolabe.)

Today’s blog post, however, also falls in the inconvenient space between “we released a patch with all our new stuff” and “we have new stuff to blog about.” So while we are *just* getting started on new stuff for this month (military features on my plate, Daniel doing some UI stuff that he doesn’t want to talk about yet, Chris taking advantage of the fact that workshop jobs can now accept multiple, disjoint inputs to produce a single output), we don’t actually have any of that

This week’s blog post, therefore, will be “al fresco.”

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