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A New Gastronomy

Food! It is delicious. It is vital to your colony! It… requires a lot of work to balance!

Food has been a large part of our gameplay for awhile now, but most of our balance efforts have centered around farming; essentially you solve the “How many farmers do I need, growing what” problem for the duration of the game. However, part of maturing Clockwork Empires into a deeper game is tying our systems together in various ways – with the ideal results providing interesting choices for the player. We’re starting to do just that, in a place that hasn’t received┬ábalance loving for quite a while: The Kitchen.

Look at these lovely new recipes! And they even fit onto just two lines!!

Behold the new condensed Kitchen Recipes! They’re roughly grouped by use.

Previously, the kitchen had about a zillion recipes and not much interesting to do with them – they were simply ways to convert one raw food into one cooked food. We attempted to simplify this by creating the Basic Food recipe, but that still left us with a lot of stuff you could make and no particular reason to pick any one over the other. That changes now!

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Foul Murder

Today we’re working on murder! Yes, it’s a lovely┬ástaple of Victorian gothic horror, particularly the madness of contemplating and planning the act, the dread of the murderer, and the horror of the crime after the fact. It’s all very appropriate for the setting of Clockwork Empires, so of course we shall embrace the act of murder with all the Victorian sensibility we can muster (and sneak in a lovecraftian twist whenever possible).


Well, this is most awkward, isn’t it?

The problem with murder, however, is that you can’t just have people going around murdering one another. It’s simply not interesting because you’re removing the interesting moving pieces of the game.

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