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Foxes & Fences

Welcome back readers!┬áDon’t be too distracted by all the cute animals – the most important point will be our comprehensive simulation of the economic transformation of the frontier enabled by the advent of industrialized production of barbed-wire fences.┬áBut first, one of the fascinating new additions to Clockwork Empires is this fox:


The new Clockwork Empires engine enables a visual fidelity and realism never before possible in indie games. These are all rendered in real-time in Maya but will totally actually be in the game once Nicholas is done with the entrenching system.

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May Technical Status Update: Building Interiors, Workshops, Outlines, Hidden Work

Things are slowly coming together. Some new developments have occurred in programmer town, and we are delighted to finally show you what we spent the past month-and-a-half doing.

Bluntly, things are coming together at last. People can harvest resources, process them in workshops, and convert them to other resources. People have their own actions as well; if people can’t eat, for instance, they’ll die. Poets still wander the hills, trying to be inspired by things. The noble aurochs plough through the land, and so forth. Want to see a sneak peek? Read on for some new features…

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