Foxes & Fences

Welcome back readers! Don’t be too distracted by all the cute animals – the most important point will be our comprehensive simulation of the economic transformation of the frontier enabled by the advent of industrialized production of barbed-wire fences. But first, one of the fascinating new additions to Clockwork Empires is this fox:


The new Clockwork Empires engine enables a visual fidelity and realism never before possible in indie games. These are all rendered in real-time in Maya but will totally actually be in the game once Nicholas is done with the entrenching system.

FoxDrama4 FoxDrama3

Our new fox model is taken from high-resolution scans of an actual Google image search for the word “fox”. Every detail is replicated by the talented Mr. Joseph Nejat.

FoxDrama2 FoxDrama5

We sat around drinking beer and thought really hard about bringing an actual fox into our imaginary motion capture studio but then realized that it’d be dangerous and probably illegal. So we just said “Do your best old bean! Pip pip, jolly good” to Mr. Chris Triolo and the Gaslamp partners all agreed that it turned out “pretty OK”, then drank deeply from steaming, tenebrous liqueur poured, wailing softly, from The Jars. We then turned into living shadow and were drawn toward the Astral Void, as Jupiter was aligned with the Moon in the configuration which most pleases Njibb’-Nor.

So, how about those fences!

Yeah, I know this is what you’ve really been waiting for: sturdy fences for demarcating socially-imposed divisions onto the land itself — provided by the producers of top-quality fencing at Mr. Sean “What, more bloody bricks?” Hamilton & Co. Environmental Goods Manufactory of 119 Industry Road, Cogsport-upon-Slue, Peatshire.


Some barbed wire will keep those bloody Aurochs out, innit.


The Loneliest Chair in the World is comforted by its only friend, Brick Wall.


“Otis Rachetwright! What in the name of the Anti-Cog are you doing standing in that bushel of fine charcoal!?” (Not involved: A handsome white picket fence.)

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14 Responses to “Foxes & Fences”

  1. Fade Manley says:

    Okay, I admit it: I would totally buy fox DLC.

    { reply }
  2. icepick37 says:


    But can I watch TV on it?

    { reply }
  3. Dan says:

    Foxes are a wonderful start. Will other small mammals and rodents be represented appropriately within the computerized animal kingdom and tasteful fencing simulator that is this “video game” Clockwork Empires?

    I’m from S.M.R.D.E.R.V.G., Small Mammals and Rodents Deserve Equal Representation in Video Gaming, and I’ve seen many video games with too little Small Mammals and Rodents. If more Small Mammals and Rodents are added to this “video game”, then Gaslump Games would have SMRDERVG’s full support: a complimentary bumper sticker reading ‘I HEART SMRDERVG’.

    Please keep SMRDERVG updated with further additions to the wonderful Small Mammals and Rodents family in Gaslump Games! Thank you!

    { reply }
    • Joey Headset says:

      Nothing says “impending doom” like seeing a bunch of groundhogs and squirrels suddenly skittering out of a darkened wooded area.

      { reply }
  4. muffinimal says:

    This is some foxy update! Great to see that you guys are taking your barbed wire seriously!

    Btw, Is there a release date announced yet?

    { reply }
  5. Thomas says:

    ‘Not shown are the vomiting fox animations’

    Oh dear

    { reply }
  6. Brian says:

    C’mon, foxes are definitely going to be in the base game. It’s all the tiny Fox hat DLCs that are gonna clean us out.

    { reply }
  7. Bropocalypse says:

    Was anyone else HORRIBLY STARTLED by that zoom-in animation?

    { reply }
  8. JonNik says:

    No but it does give me vertigo and a mild case of nausea.. Maybe I’ll turn into living shadow! (I definitely feel like throwing up in someone’s bathroom If I look at it for more than 2 secs).

    Also +1 for more small mammals 🙂

    P.S: Really looking forward to this game.

    { reply }
  9. Tyler says:

    Why didn’t you try taking an imaginary fox into your imaginary motion capture studio…seems like it would have worked to me.

    Also if I buy the fox DLC AND the badger with lumbago expansion is it possible to get a fox with lumbago? That would really seal the deal for me.

    { reply }
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