Dredmor rc4 Teaser Shots + RPGWatch Interview

RPGWatch was kind enough to post an interview with me, RPGWatch Feature: Dungeons of Dredmor Interview. (I apologize for the number of quotation marks used; this interview was done in the midst of crunching to completion on Dredmor and I’m afraid that lack of sleep impaired my text formatting judgement.) But please check it out, as I do explain the eyebrow thing once more.

While we’re all waiting I thought I’d make the wait just a little more painful* for our fans out there by taking another pile of screenshots.

[* Waiting pains us too and we try to avoid it whenever possible. Why go slow when you can go fast? This also explains the unfortunate results of few Gaslamp Games Morale Building Nights At The Pub.]

As usual, click on the image to view the full image.

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1. Ah, the sweet reek of the dungeon. This is the starting room. You will become very familiar with it. The build I took is tinkerer/crossbow/staff/promethean magic/astrology/blood magic/burglary: A ranged caster/archer who can deal with traps and get in and out of trouble, ideally. Let’s see how this works out.

2. Faffed around a little on level one then went rather too quickly to level two because I was feeling cocky with my strong ranged attacks. These bolas complement my build quite nicely as they will root enemies to the tile they’re on so I can launch bolts or cast Dragon’s Breath at them from afar while dealing asphyxiative damage.


3. Got spooked by a run-in with Deth (rather: a pack of Deths, possibly also some Zombys), so I returned to the first dungeon level to gain a bit more experience and hopefully some better equipment. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll find the material to craft a nice crossbow. Here I’ve fought my way into a treasury which contains an artifact rusty sword which gives greater life regeneration — not much use to me. I’ve also got some crafting panels open on the right where I’m grinding up aluminum rods into aluminum powder in the hope that I might be able to turn it into thermite bombs down the line.

4. Here I am poking at my crafting recipe book after finding some bauxite which I smelted into aluminum ingots (lots of aluminum going around this game). Unfortunately there’s nothing useful I can make, but take note of those spectacles.


5. Ding! Clearing more of level 1, found another magic ring and a lot more junk in my inventory.

6. What skill shall I learn? Here you can see my skill tome showing the skill lines for Astrology, Promethean Magic, Blood Magic, Burglary, and Tinkering. I took tinkering this time because I was getting annoyed by not being able to disarm traps and I love the idea of crafting (though I never did find many materials to use).


7. … I did find some brass and a diamond which allowed me to make those spectacles I mentioned earlier. They give a bonus to sight range and enemy dodge reduction — and here I’ve used them on the anvil of Krong. In his infinite wisdom, the God of Anvils has empowered my spectacles with a slashing damage bonus, an asphyxiative damage bonus, and a sagacity stat bonus. Smart AND deadly!

8. Wearing my new glasses here, I’ve stepped into a teleporter that’s put me in the middle of some angry robots and Octos. Should I pull the lever? (Answer: Of course.)


9. The previous encounter turned ugly; I escaped by using a potion of blink and eating the Root of T’char (which was … interesting). Incredibly, I survived, and ended up fighting another group of robots while otherworldly tentacles tear apart all the (un/non/)living beings they can touch.

10. Pulled through more of that mess to discover this Octo Laboratory with a bookshelf containing a crafting recipe for a magic ring. Too bad I didn’t take smithing. (Note also the happy little lutefisk cube in the corner there, being all unassuming and tidy.)


11. Because I live for danger, I took the stairs down once more, into the Sauna of Despair (or something). This Gargoyle Acid Bolt Trap almost ruined my day between it and the murderous robot which trapped me at the top of the stairs when I decided to head back up to recover. (That blood on the floor is my own.)

12. And here I’m fighting a pitched battle, jumping between those two teleport pads (which lead to one another) while a lumbering Steamy Golem and Thermoblobby try to murder me. I’ve probably bitten off more than I can chew on this level as I’m running low on conventional ammo and my survival is continuing mostly because of my magical stun mines. You can see that I’m pondering the use of my limited clockwork drill bolt supply.

… And here I leave you. I hope that you can have interesting and deadly adventures very soon in Dungeons of Dredmor.

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13 Responses to “Dredmor rc4 Teaser Shots + RPGWatch Interview”

  1. Abraxas says:

    Awesome. This makes the wait a little easier.

    { reply }
  2. rascalpuppyjay says:

    SOoo excited to get my hands on this game! ahhh

    { reply }
  3. Ghastly Golly says:

    Awesome adventuring there! Can’t wait to go adventuring myself! Even going to have some single player-multi adventuring with a friend. XD

    { reply }
  4. skavenhorde says:

    David, you worry too much I think. Your answers were great. I maybe could have cut about half of the questions, but there is just so much to Dredmor I wanted to cover just about everything.

    Thanks again for doing that and sorry it was during crunch time.

    { reply }
    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      No problems dude! And it was probably a good thing to take some time from the crunch to talk; can’t be in work mode *all* the time. (But our top scientists are working on it.)

      Though, granted, I tend to worry over things, I think it turned out well though. (I’m always a bit uncomfortable about interviews with myself. It just feels weird seeing what I say from an outside perspective, then I start thinking about what I could have said differently … but no, done is done.)

      { reply }
  5. Ururulur says:

    oh cool, thanks for the post, can’t wait)

    { reply }
  6. starrise says:

    Man oh man, can’t wait for this game. Hang in there guys, there’s almost nothing that can happen that won’t ensure you get my dollars.

    { reply }
  7. Julian says:

    Looks good! I like skills based RPGs so I’ll be buying this day one 🙂

    { reply }
  8. Richard says:


    Seriously, I can’t wait to play this. How’s the outlook on the linux version?

    { reply }
  9. Sinnz says:

    I sent emails out with a link to this page, the response was an overwhelming, “Where can I buy it, NOW!”. Great work.

    Thanks for the inclusion of an inventory Sort! button, that should save me much OCD time.

    { reply }
  10. NANO says:

    Totally looking forward to this, awesome work!

    { reply }
  11. JohnM says:

    This makes the wait all the more excruciating! ;P

    { reply }
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