Dredmor Skill Icons

I’ve just finished the latest round of revisions to the entire pile of spell icons. This is just one task which is part of the massive spell overhaul we’re doing for Dredmor’s beta 0.92 (when I’m not getting distracted drawing the disembodied heads of founding members of Gaslamp Games).

Man, there are a lot of these buggers, but they do get easier (and better) every time I redraw them. Telling you anything about them would ruin the fun*, so I’ve just thrown together a collection of some of my favorite spell and skill icons for your enjoyment:

Still have to draw animated effects for most of these. Urrgh.

* whereas “the fun” refers to how much fun I have as people try to guess what the hell some of these skills do.

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7 Responses to “Dredmor Skill Icons”

  1. Lekon says:

    Taking guesses on some of them.

    Top Left: Chain Lighting. Below that: Brewing. 3rd row, 3rd in from left, Bruce Lee, Followed by Eh Tu, Brute’?.

    Guessing bottom row, 4th is Charm, and top right is the dreaded Hentai Attack. Guess you guys aren’t going for a G rating?

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    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      1. It’s a skill for “Master of Magic”, though it’d make a great chain lightning icon, I admit.
      2. Close – “Potion Mixologist”.
      3. “Master of Dragon Foot Technique”, but you totally called that I used Bruce Lee as an image reference.
      4. “Et Tu”, spot on 😀
      5. Yeah, that’s basically a charm spell.
      6. … It causes large amounts of existential damage 😐

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      • Lekon says:

        6… Does that mean hentai is existential? Good lord. Japan isn’t full of perverts… but philosophers! (Note, I know not all Japanese folk watch hentai! Joke made for comedy value!)

        Next to the hentacle, It looks like a teleport spell, or a jump.

        Curious what the difference between Et Tu and Backstab are, but I’ll find out soon!

        The one up and right from the Charm-Diploma? Quicker Leveling? Oooh! Is it an “Evict all monsters from room with forged documents?

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  2. AdminDavid Baumgart says:

    “Et Tu” is far more classical in the /historical/ sense (pronounced with a silent H) and dripping with a sense of betrayal. All of which has very little to do with Dredmor.

    … *steals ideas from commenters*

    Hey, Nicholas; why don’t we have a Forgery skill tree?

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    • Lekon says:

      Commenter! There’s just you and me here Dave!

      Oooh so wait, 3rd from right, 2nd row, holding two swords…. is that the “Dupe Item” skill?

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  3. Kame says:

    Just had to say, last image in the second row? That has to be the best icon for a skill I have ever seen in my life.

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  4. Lekon says:

    3rd Row, 7th over, next to the exploding wall, is that “I double fist shakeweights” skill?

    And 4th row, 4 over… Its Otto’s Irresistible RAISE THE ROOF spell, isn’t it?

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