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A Scheduling Change

We have spent an intense few weeks considering our plans for the next few months, and as a result, we’ve decided to push back early access of Clockwork Empires to the summer. It’s a short delay from our original release window for early access, but a delay nonetheless.

Almost everyone who has played the current version of Clockwork Empires can see the promise of what we want the game to be when it’s done. The message that we keep hearing is “don’t force this game out the door until it’s ready, because it will be really special when it is”, and we want it to be there when you play it.  In the spirit of transparency, starting early access this spring would not allow us to give you that – close, but not quite hitting the mark yet.

In the meantime, recruitment of pre-alpha testers continues apace. We’re sorting out some compatibility issues with graphics cards, spending time figuring out which UI decisions are correct and which need work, and generally putting in more content to flesh out the game.

So that’s our game development blog post for today. We realize this may come as a disappointment to some of you, but we only get one shot at this and we want to do it right.

I'm not even going to attempt to caption this one. Readers, over to you!

You’ve got to bake the bread the right amount even if there’s a man wearing a fez passed out in your doorway and another standing in the field, staring and angry. Because that bread is worth it and it’s going to be delicious. Unless you have Celiac Disease, in which case we’ve probably got a teff or quinoa based bread that’ll work just as well.

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