A Scheduling Change

We have spent an intense few weeks considering our plans for the next few months, and as a result, we’ve decided to push back early access of Clockwork Empires to the summer. It’s a short delay from our original release window for early access, but a delay nonetheless.

Almost everyone who has played the current version of Clockwork Empires can see the promise of what we want the game to be when it’s done. The message that we keep hearing is “don’t force this game out the door until it’s ready, because it will be really special when it is”, and we want it to be there when you play it.  In the spirit of transparency, starting early access this spring would not allow us to give you that – close, but not quite hitting the mark yet.

In the meantime, recruitment of pre-alpha testers continues apace. We’re sorting out some compatibility issues with graphics cards, spending time figuring out which UI decisions are correct and which need work, and generally putting in more content to flesh out the game.

So that’s our game development blog post for today. We realize this may come as a disappointment to some of you, but we only get one shot at this and we want to do it right.

I'm not even going to attempt to caption this one. Readers, over to you!

You’ve got to bake the bread the right amount even if there’s a man wearing a fez passed out in your doorway and another standing in the field, staring and angry. Because that bread is worth it and it’s going to be delicious. Unless you have Celiac Disease, in which case we’ve probably got a teff or quinoa based bread that’ll work just as well.

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34 Responses to “A Scheduling Change”

  1. Danny says:

    Cool. Take your time. For what it’s worth, I’ve been anticipating the Early Access release so much that I actually dreamt that it appeared in the store. This game has already impacted my dreams, and I haven’t played it yet!

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    • Tyler says:

      Gas lamp games is not responsible for any madness induced, preceded by or caused from clockwork empires.

      All hail Quaggoroth!

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  2. Vordrak says:

    Better to take your time and release a decent project than a turkey. We can wait (with anticipation).

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  3. Hi guys. My readers are very interested in this game, when it comes out. I’d love to be put on the pre-Alpha player list, if that’s possible. Thanks.

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    • Everyone who’s in it currently under NDA and we don’t have any media involved yet, but you’re on our list for when we do Mike. We’ll make sure that you have access to it with enough time to schedule something prior to release 🙂

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  4. Conrad says:

    As worthless as some of these Early Access games are at release I’m happy to hear it.

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  5. Bropocalypse says:

    Cultists can also replace sensible crops with ‘healthful’ ones from strange lands, sewing discontent

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  6. stuthulhu says:

    Sad though it may be to bear, I heartily endorse your plan guys. Make the best darn game you can, and thanks!

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  7. Cutter says:

    So it’s kind of like the difference of Glenn Close with cigar and Glenn Close but no cigar.


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  8. Headjack says:

    Will alpha testers know they are in ahead of time?
    Also, take your time for it please.

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  9. Hyakujo says:

    As someone who spends more time playing early access games than anything else this is grim news indeed.

    The decision of when to go early access should not be impacted by the reasons given. The thing that really matters with early access is regular updates and good communication.

    If the game is to achieve its potential it needs testing on as many systems as possible by people who adore the game.

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  10. Thomas says:

    As long as you don’t do what some devs are doing now and get lazy with development after making a ton of money on Early Access, I’ll be satisfied.

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  11. thechosenkitty says:

    I may mourn, but my free time is ecstatic!

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  12. Ray says:

    Please make quinoa bread an available feature.

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  13. Brendan Davis says:

    Thank you very much for the transparency, and for making the decision that is best for the game. I realize this will take extra time, and money, on your part. I also understand you could probably rush it out, and still recover your costs. I appreciate that you are not doing so, and look forward to the full release.

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  14. Gooselacker says:

    Undoubtedly a good decision, though I humbly request a gameplay video or two in the near future to help satiate my ravenous desire. The ones from GDC whetted my appetite, but I need further whetting. Please?

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  15. A guy named Guy says:

    I was under the impression that “this would be released when it’s done, no pre-order or buy-in betas” or however that sentence went.

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  16. gabboman92 says:

    Did the minimum requisites changed?

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  17. FISCHL says:

    I would also be interested in alpga testing (or pre-alpha testing). Currently studying CS if it’s worth anything.

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  18. Michael says:

    This is a good plan. A good release is better than a lukewarm early access. I can think of a dozen examples of games that are going to be great but have fizzled their launch by going early open alpha.

    Besides, according to Twitter, Goat Simulator is going to win GOTY for 2014 already anyway. Might as well push back the launch so you can skip the competition. 😉

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  19. Capital. Let us pre-suppose that the ideal time for learning of the frights and delights of this interactive treat might be Autumn and Winter.
    As a complete aside, I am interested to find that many of the colonies refer to Keats great Summer’s end as “Fall” and not “Autumn” a phrase which, while adding a descriptive twist to the harvesting and leaf fall seasons does, I feel, lack the poetry and rhythmic assonance of “Autumn”. I digress..

    Suffice it to say, when the gas lamps come on early in my village (Oswald Flintjaw – the local wick lighter takes most of the summer off) that is the time that suits my aged countenance of two score and seven Summers, to expend extraneous energy on post meridian pastimes.

    Take your time fine fellows.

    Amusements folly is all the sweeter after the delicious agonies of expectation.

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  20. James says:

    *Falls to the floor foaming at the mouth with madness- or rabies*

    I’m super excited for this bread. But like all good pieces of bread you don’t want it to be undercooked and doughy in the middle.

    Also excited for the game, I guess.

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  21. Nick S. says:

    Not an easy post to make, I’m sure.

    It’s the right decision though; we all know too well some of the recent debacles of rushed releases that has forever tainted those games/companies.

    I applaud your ability to stick to your own principles and values and best of luck in the coming months of development.

    Nick S.

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  22. David E. says:

    I’ve been reading these blog entries fervently for a while now and I’m really looking forward to this game and this delay will only make things better.

    Side note/Shameless plug: if you guys ever need Additional Art Direction you could check out some of the industrial relics of Michigan’s Copper Country, I’m particularly fond of this smeltery – http://www.coppercountryexplorer.com/explorations/industry/quincy-smelting-works/

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  23. D3F3N357R470R says:


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  24. Hrothgar says:

    I’m disappointed by this news, but I completely understand the reasoning behind it. Can’t wait to play it with a few more coats of paint!

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  25. gt says:

    I applaud your ability to stick to your own principles and values and best of luck in the coming months of development.

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  26. RKade says:

    Better right than right now.

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  27. Mike says:

    I absolutely can’t wait for this, to the point where I can because I know it’ll be worth it.

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  28. muffinimal says:

    Really too bad to read this. I hope this is the right decision. I am not sure you are actually pushing back the deadline or that you are trying to be transparent about the release date.

    Reading the post about technical debt and the job interview process at IMVU quite a while back had me thinking you guys would have at least read The Lean Startup. This news doesn’t seem to support this.

    Anyway, good luck with making the deadline next time.

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