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The Aristocrats

We have adorable foxes hunting adorable dodos in adorable little packs.

Adorable murder.

Adorable murder.

There’s some neat stuff going on under the hood. A fox that first identifies a valid target for pack-hunting will tag itself as “calling the pack to hunt” which fulfills a requirement for other foxes to “join a pack to hunt”. This also tags the target of the hunt as a “pack-hunting target”. The pack “leader” and “followers” all get tagged into a hunting pack which enables the action of hunting down a targeted animal. The target is then either killed or the pack can be fought off – the moment one of the pack members chooses to flee, all of the pack members will flee and untag their (adorable) pack hunting behaviour. Lovely!

Pictured: A poetical aristocrat.  (As we all know, all poets are aristocrats because anyone who writes poetry can't possible have to do real work.)

Pictured: A poetical aristocrat.

As long as we’re¬†implementing¬†pack-hunting¬†carnivores, why not do aristocrats as a two-for-one? Same thing.

So what, in fact, do aristocrats do?

The short answer is of course “nothing particularly useful” (to you). As any player of the classic Impressions city buildings knows, the upper class exist to make ridiculous infrastructure-expensive demands to create challenges and motivation to ascend the game’s building “tech”-tree and otherwise force the player to procure lots of fancy, extremely expensive stuff. It’s a good system.

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