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Gin mad engineer

Simulation of Nicholas’s ravings in-engine.

The IGF has announced today that they are removing the Technical Excellence category from their awards because of, quote, “widespread, affordable middleware”. Since I am a shattered pinion of a man, barely holding together and clutching a bottle of gin in the wake of this decision, I… I…

I don’t know what to write about any more.

I lurched into the office this morning. “What do we do?!” I asked nobody in particular. “Let’s… let’s… stop everything! Let’s license Unity! Let’s make a platformer with a lovable quirky twist!” Then David slapped me about a bit.

“You’ve got to blog!” he yelled. “Do it for the children. DO IT SO THEY MAY ONE DAY ENJOY TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE. ”

And so, one day late, we shall blog about technology – because I still believe in a world of Technical Excellence.

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