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Dredmor Patch 1.0.9; The Lord Dredmor Diggle-mas Special

(David is still away, so we have to re-use banner art. Let’s put the Giant Pink Scorpion Diggle up again, in the hopes that that doesn’t happen to us…)

Dredmor Patch 1.0.9 has now been sent off to Steam, Desura, *and* the Humble Bundle! Finally. These fine groups of people will get it up in their own sweet time, but we’ve sent it and our part is (hopefully) done. We are desperately praying that nothing new blows up, because if it does… well, Christmas is cancelled forever.

Changelog below the cut. Patch 1.0.9 doesn’t fix everything; some things, such as fixing Blackjack and some of the stickier issues are going to have to wait until January, but it ended up being more comprehensive than I originally planned. As is traditional, we’ll put a little note on this post once Steam puts the patch up and it doesn’t go Blooie. We are still hoping to get the DLC into the hands of our loyal Desura and Humble-Bundlers some time in the New Year; dealing with the actual Diggle Gods release, as well as the massive influx of new users as a result of our Steam Sale has been… a bit overwhelming.

With this last responsibility complete, I am now going to try and get all my Christmas shopping done in 48 hours. The office will be sort-of-closed-ish until some time after Boxing Day.

On behalf of David, Daniel, and myself, as well as the rest of the Dredmor crew: Happy Holidays, and thanks for making 2011 so awesome. It has been nothing short of an amazing year for Gaslamp. The day before Dredmor launched on Steam, we sat around wondering what would happen, and Daniel noted, quite famously, “Well, hopefully we sell enough copies of Dredmor that we can buy a nice bottle of Scotch or something.” We have exceeded that beyond our wildest dreams – I, for one, am still vastly confused about what exactly happened – and we are grateful and humbled by the support that the PC gaming community, our user base, the gaming media, and our friends, have given us over the course of the year. Through ups and downs, highs and lows, Steam Sales and Scorpion Diggles, you’ve been awesome. It’s been a pleasure to make games for your enjoyment.

We’re really looking forward to 2012. (You have been warned.)

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Patch 1.0.8 is up; the DLC is not.

Patch 1.0.8 has now hit The Steam. We’ll be pushing patches out to the Humble Indie Bundle download-page and to Desura shortly. There are a few crashes that slipped by us – most notably, one crash in the crafting system, one crash drinking the new Diggle Nog, and one crash with the new vending machine looting; we’ll be mopping those up and putting out a hotfix tonight. We’re also not sure what’s going on with OS X yet, other than “a very bad thing”, but we’re trying to get this sorted out as well. Our current theory is that Dredmor is being haunted by the vengeful ghost of Steve Jobs, who was never keen on having games for OS X anyway.

… so, yeah. Hang tight, we’ll get this sorted, and in the mean time don’t drink the Diggle Nog. (This is good advice for life.)

DLC: We’re still waiting on a release date from Valve for this, but it is done. Unfortunately, the media seems to be running with the idea that it is out today as well. It’s not. It’ll be a bit; everything gets very silly at Christmas.

There has also been a request for a Changelog: we’ve posted it below.

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What’s In The Next Patch

EXALTATIONS UNTO KRONG! While he cannot disclose any sales numbers, he is exceedingly pleased by sales of Dungeons of Dredmor, bringing Krong in all his glory to the masses (and also that slimy, good-for-nothing Lutefisk God.) Long has his anvil-shaped heart awaited this moment, and he thanks his chosen Mightily.

Nonetheless, he hears the people crying. “Krong,” they say, “why hast thou abandoned us? Our game, it crashes. Our game, it has small icons. Our game, it lacks keyboard binding interfaces, yea, and other certain necessities.” And Krong didst look upon his people, in their despair… and wept.

And lo, so it came to pass that Krong didst re-chain Gaslamp Games to their anvils, and Gaslamp Games has come forth in order to help the people. And lo, a great Patch came to pass upon the land, to be released Early Next Week.

What is in said patch? Krong is so very, very glad you asked.

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