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Clockwork Empires January Update: WHAT THESE SHODDY FOREIGN GOODS?

A party of traders from a Foreign Land showed up and they insist that we really need –


This update will go live to every Clockwork Empires player via Steam!

We have also updated our Clockwork Empires: Development Progress Report! It contains the annotated changelog and possibly extra secret saucy details maybe or at least a new picture of a cat so check it out!

(Don’t own the game? Clockwork Empires can be purchased on via Humble or from Steam.)

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(Note that this is a slightly shorter changelog than usual due to the holidays.)

Major Changes

  • added Trade Depot & trader events
  • food has been reworked to be way more interesting!
  • new features and events added to the Foreign Office to allow interactions with the Grossherzogintum von Stahlmark, the Republique Mechanique, and the Novorus Imperiya

Trade Depot

  • added first iteration of Trade Depot.
  • all items in the game have been given trade values and “tradeable/not tradeable” flags (The primary use of this at the moment is to disallow the trading of perishable foods. Relative values of trade goods are subject to adjustment.)
  • added vodka (a foreign trade good)
  • added trade events & foreign office trader ‘missions’ for all foreign nations
  • added display of trade value to item tooltips
  • a few events that relied on Prestige to function have been re-enabled to work without it. (Due to Prestige system being rolled into Empire relations via Foreign Office)
  • FIXED: various other commodity list/trade good/forbidding-and-claiming-item interactions
  • FIXED: foreigners would punch fish steaks they happened upon
  • FIXED (46A): the Trade Depot icon should now be visible even when you don’t have any bricks. (It doesn’t require bricks to build, anyway.)
  • (updated all item in entity database to the new format w/ trade information, including trade good boolean and trade value)
  • (internal: added messages registering for a given object when it is added to, or removed from, a group collection)

Foreign Office / Foreign Relations

  • balance: made foreign office wipe diplomacy points when player changes factions (for obvious reasons)
  • Foreign faction relations and hostile/neutral/friendly states are now controlled via Foreign Office
  • NPC groups carrying out neutral/friendly missions will abort those missions if relations turn hostile
  • implemented 3-state relations widgets
  • (work on code supporting foreign office missions for non-empire non-bandit factions)
  • FIXED: paperwork scripterror (when workcrew is unassigned from office)
  • (performed major refactoring of code for foreign_office on both c++ and lua sides)
  • balance: now, in general, events that lost you prestige before will now lose you relations with all nations.

Food & Cooking

  • added the following new recipes: Farmers’ Stew, Berry Medley, Sausages, Tinned Meat
  • Preserved/Tinned goods are now more expensive to create, but function as superior trade goods. Their recipes have been updated accordingly.
  • all Pickled Funguses have been collected into a single recipe
  • all Berry Preserves have been collected into a single recipe
  • all Pies have been collected into a single recipe (& Pies are now more expensive to create, as owing to their high quality tier.)
  • all food recipes have been given qualities and module requirements as appropriate for their quality.
  • higher class characters will now prefer higher quality food.
  • added glass bottles to the ceramics workshop (They are used to make preserves.)
  • balance: exhaustion chance for foragables has been significantly lowered to allow players to experiment with the new recipes.
  • be warned: crop fields will now be entirely cleared if you change the crop type you’re growing!
  • (fixed scripterror on spawning old, now nonexistent food items)
  • (crops can be given a sparse_planting=true, bool to plant every other spot in a row rather than every spot)
  • (added guarapo and caninha commodities + icons; not yet implemented)
  • (added coconut palm saplings to the growth cycle of farmable coconut palms; crop is not public yet)
  • FIXED: colonists should no longer starve in the search for cooked food when they have raw food


  • performed consistency pass over UI element styling
  • cultists now have purple names
  • fixed misaligned text in credits dialog
  • improved checkbox art
  • FIXED: naturalist_study_fishperson_corpse text error
  • (did a ton of cleanup to the plumbing of office UI with applications in building UI generally so it can now be done almost entirely outside of compiled code)
  • (executed a giant purging of old/duplicated UI data & assets)
  • (added art for assignment beacon bg variations, implementation todo)
  • (added feature support for modal dialogs)


  • military skill of a squad’s commander now adds bonus damage to squad attacks
  • redcoat vs. militia status of soldiers now adds bonus damage to attacks (that is, redcoats do more damage)
  • FIXED: crates are no longer a valid weapon that would override fault attack damage
  • FIXED: “mind_blast” will no longer appear as a cause of death
  • FIXED: error when crops were exploded

Workshops / Commodity Production

  • Clay pot decor are now boxed modules.
  • FIXED: cloth production was instant
  • FIXED: instant drink brewing
  • FIXED: displayed cost for “Decent Cabinet” was wrong and has been corrected.
  • FIXED: mineshafts will not keep adding output products when moved


  • FIXED: occult feelings test didn’t properly test feelings in context of cults, leading to reduced cult activity
  • (working on a bunch of back-end code for cult updates)
  • (enabled cult membership tracking on render side)


  • added UC window module
  • balance: mining at default position now outputs sand + clay
  • FIXED: an item is only added to the commodity list if it is owned by a player.
  • FIXED: buildings flickering from exterior to interior views when you move over a static prop when they are highlighted
  • (internal: started work on building placer/module placer rewrite but this hasn’t been pushed yet)

Want the full annotated changelog? Read it in the Development Report!

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