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Steam Winter Sale! Buy All The Things!

EDIT: Well, that happened.


We’re still on sale for 50% off until January the 2nd, or something.

But still…


EDIT: Today, only, we’re not just fifty percent off – we are SEVENTY. FIVE. PERCENT. OFF. You can now go buy Dredmor, today only, with the small pile of loose change in your couch.


It’s bargain time again at Steam, where the good folks at Valve are running a Winter Sale event! Dungeons of Dredmor is 50% off until January 2nd; Realm of the Diggle Gods, our brand-spanking-new expansion, is for sale at 50% off as well!

But wait, there’s more! The Super Indie Bundle Pack is for sale until January 2nd only! For only $19.99, you can get Dungeons of Dredmor AND nine other great games, including Cave Story+, Revenge of the Titans, and more! Buy it here.

There may be a small task for you to perform later.

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