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Clockwork Empires September Update: Conscript Steelcog versus THE MURDERCULT

It is time for the monthly update to Clockwork Empires! This month is v31, or as we like to call it, Conscript Steelcog versus THE MURDERCULT.


This being a monthly update, the changes will go live to every Clockwork Empires player via Steam.

We have also updated our Clockwork Empires: Development Progress report! Please check it out if you’re interested in the overall status of the Clockwork Empires project broken down into excruciating detail along with pictures of cats.

(Don’t own the game yet? Clockwork Empires can be purchased on via Humble or from Steam.)

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Technical Status Update: A Young Lad’s Message From The Front

Dear Father,

(We have an icon for this!)

(We have an icon for this!)

I am writing from the Trenches at Gaslamp. The final, long, hard push for Early Access is almost upon us; Major Jacobsen says we’ll go over the top any day now. At night I sleep with my keyboard as is Tradition, and think of home. How is home? Where is home? Does it still exist? Are the cats alive?

Will this war ever end?

The Horror.

The Horror.

The men tell me that they have assembled a Changelog; I have annotated it for you so that you may know that we are fighting the Brave Fight here at home, and that soon there will be Release In Our Time. I am pretty sure that Mr. Whitman now has Trenchfoot in his Shoulderblade, and will have to have it Removed with a Scalpel. Mr. Best seems like he will not last much longer; his delerium is fevered and he talks about going back to University and finishing his Doctorate. Meanwhile, they fight the good fight, and many small tickets have been fixed including the fact that doors claim to cost one plank, and do not. It is the duty of every man to care for his tickets, that we may seek victory over The [REDACTED].

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New Methods For Extracting Surplus Value From The Labouring Classes

Salutations scientific Colleagues & curious Dabblers!

Welcome to another edition of The Gaslamp Games Games Development Weekly Heliograph Circulation. Today we discuss the manner in which the Middle Class is employed to oversee the labours of the Labouring Class by means of organization through the newest methods of Scientific Management.

We shall demonstrate this week’s study in the field. First, a sampling of tools has been laid in careful rows on the ground. Each tool is associated with certain Jobs, as documented by our associates of the Royal Society of The Clockwork Empire for Improving Natural Knowledge, Misters Vining & Whitman (which you may recall have recently described various phenomena including studies on Plebeian Collision Avoidance In The Common Mob & an investigation into so-called “Animal Jobs”).

So, proceeding: tools at-hand, the Colonial Bureaucrat must initiate action by stamping a properly filled work order which designates a site on the landscape. This task can range from “Chop Trees” to “Flatten Land” to “Find Nature” (wherever it’s hiding). This order is then directed to a work party overseer (who is implicitly of the Middle Class and therefore of correct Station to command a group of Lower Class labourers). The work party overseer’s squad collects tools fit to their assigned task while the overseer heads directly to the work site.

In the heliotype below we see a work crew gathering axes for their “Chop Trees” task:


A feller needs a chopper that’ll hack it. (Meanwhile, the only tool the Overseer needs is Management Skills.)

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