Technical Status Update: A Young Lad’s Message From The Front

Dear Father,

(We have an icon for this!)

(We have an icon for this!)

I am writing from the Trenches at Gaslamp. The final, long, hard push for Early Access is almost upon us; Major Jacobsen says we’ll go over the top any day now. At night I sleep with my keyboard as is Tradition, and think of home. How is home? Where is home? Does it still exist? Are the cats alive?

Will this war ever end?

The Horror.

The Horror.

The men tell me that they have assembled a Changelog; I have annotated it for you so that you may know that we are fighting the Brave Fight here at home, and that soon there will be Release In Our Time. I am pretty sure that Mr. Whitman now has Trenchfoot in his Shoulderblade, and will have to have it Removed with a Scalpel. Mr. Best seems like he will not last much longer; his delerium is fevered and he talks about going back to University and finishing his Doctorate. Meanwhile, they fight the good fight, and many small tickets have been fixed including the fact that doors claim to cost one plank, and do not. It is the duty of every man to care for his tickets, that we may seek victory over Theย [REDACTED].

Much ado about work crews.

Much ado about work crews.

Much of what we do involves Polishing the Codebase. Most recently, we have dealt with a variety of Exciting Crashes, which threatened the Stability of the Great Mission. Removing people from a work crew, then putting them back into a work crew, then killing them, then eating them – will the complexity of these systems never cease?! What do they think they are doing at the Home Office?



Meanwhile, Dear Father, I have added Cults to the game again. Perhaps it is a sign of my battle-weariness, or the ringing in Pvt. Nejat’s Ear, but the voices have been dictating feature requests to us again.

The great reworking of the Character Window is said to be done any day now. Please thank the fine folks at the Victory Garden for their Icons.

Please remember me to all the fine folks at home; I have attached the Changelog for Revision 23 so that all may see our fine progress. Even once we have reached Early Access, the great work is not done, and it is vital that England – sweet England, and the rest of the Colonies under the Dominion of Her Majesty – understand that this is a long war, fought through attrition, and that it is as a result of our labours that we shall reap the bounty of victory at some future, glorious Steam Sale.

Yr Obdt Svt,

Cpt. Nicholas Vining


Changelog to-date for Revision 23

  • FIXED: stuttering in combat (due to spawning gibs)
  • added “got married” memory
  • FIXED: removing somebody from a work crew, then putting them back into a work crew, then killing them and eating them crashes the game
  • Cultists will now pray to their Dark Gods if they are sufficiently mad.
  • Cultists will whisper amongst each other.
  • Conversations are now split between “cultist” and “non-cultist” conversations. Acceptable topics for conversations about cultists: cult membership activity, the occult, the necessity of committing The Murder Act, and (oddly) communism.
  • FIXED: doors claim to cost one plank
  • FIXED: “quit to main menu” button now quits to main menu instead of casting you into the Pit of Gleebnothax
  • FIXED: thought/speech bubbles appearing through UI
  • FIXED: Swapped -, + controls
  • FIXED: Poets were classified as “middle class” not “upper class”.
  • FIXED: Overseers were classified as “upper class” not “middle class”
  • Overhauled character window
  • FIXED: interrupting butchery of an animal to shoot it some more, thus crashing the game
  • FIXED: missing “housing” icon for construction filter in work party window
  • FIXED: correct art now shows up in immigration panel, and art in general can be set for an event
  • FIXED: Commodities screen now updated when commodities are consumed in the construction of a building or a module
  • A supply ship from the Empire will now show up if you run sufficiently low on bricks/iron pipes/iron plates/whatever. (STOPGAP)
  • butchering an Aurochs will spawn more steak
  • butchering an Aurochs will create harvestable bones
  • butchering a Dodo will create a Raw Dodo (which should be cooked, but whatever floats your boat)
  • FIXED?: berry bushes should be reharvestable after regrowing and generally should suck less
  • Berry bushes have a chance to become exhausted after harvest (ie. they die)
  • removed historically inaccurate hair
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25 Responses to “Technical Status Update: A Young Lad’s Message From The Front”

  1. thechosenkitty says:

    I hope Quag’garoth-sempai will notice me…

    { reply }
  2. toasteroftoast says:

    Your changelogs should be mandatory reading for all inducted into the glorious cogs of the Video Gaming Construction Collective.

    { reply }
  3. Bropocalypse says:

    It is customary to collect loaves in rows parallel to crates. It’s Proper.

    { reply }
    • AdminDavid Baumgart says:

      (The poor colonists never even had a chance to shuffle around the starting resources before I unleashed a Fishperson Invasion on them.)

      { reply }
  4. Tyler says:

    So what your saying is I can now, with impunity, fire someone, rehire them only to kill them and eat them?

    As for the cultist/non cultist chat, do the sometimes mess up? For instance does a cultist occasionally say some trifle about the poorly scheduled blood sacrifice to a non cultist? Thus perhaps inducting a new cultist, or possibly bring down the wrath of the inquisition?

    Also, can the player see when there are cultists talking about cultish things? If so, are there ways tht players can react to this sort o thing? Or is it like watching a train wreck as your civilization is slowly overrun by fishpeople

    { reply }
  5. Headjack says:

    Traitorous doors. When shant they vex us?

    { reply }
  6. Pariah says:

    I just remembered! I got married once!

    { reply }
    • Tyler says:

      I was getting quite vexed as to why this women was living in my house and sleeping in my bed!

      { reply }
      • Scott [REDACTED] says:

        Women? You mean you got married to multiple people?
        Oh dear. I think you may be in trouble!

        { reply }
  7. Starlight says:

    This piece of writing is an art in itself – more enjoyable than playing the game……..

    Tho am looking forward to the release….

    I saw a reference to “England” – is that intentional – I only saw Crown, and Dominion and Majesty earlier…….

    { reply }
  8. Daniel says:

    What do you get when you put a cog on a cultist?

    { reply }
  9. Christopher says:

    Fantastic posting. Very clever, thanks yet again!

    { reply }
  10. Kingmarzo says:

    Nice post!

    Is early access a matter of days or weeks?

    I have some cash ready and I’m desperate to play some new games ๐Ÿ™‚

    { reply }
  11. Ratoslov says:

    Can heavy drinking cause the loss of memories still? Because nothing’s funnier than one member of a marriage who doesn’t remember being married to the other.

    Hey, is there a system of administrator mandates or something? Because I’d like to have a daily rum ration or something like that. It would make it easier to have an entire colony of incurable alcoholics that way.

    { reply }
  12. Deep says:

    What you are doing looks gorgeous please take all the time you need to finish this piece of art.
    When you early access im going to buy it so that you get more funds and im not even going to install the game till first full release as i want the full effect when i play it for the first time.
    Then if you polish it more and plumb further depth into it then that will be gorgeous too.
    Keep up the good work, never laughed so much while reading a dev blog before ๐Ÿ™‚

    { reply }
  13. kizo says:

    i asked
    Traitorous doors. When shant they vex us?

    { reply }

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