Happy Holidays From Gaslamp Games


We’re taking the week off! If you’re holding an occult ritual this week, celebrating something more civilized, or if it’s just business as usual, we hope you have a great time doing your thing, and we’ll be back next week 🙂

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7 Responses to “Happy Holidays From Gaslamp Games”

  1. Eagle0600 says:

    My family is performing a ritual involving a small amount of wine and quite a lot of some exotic substance the colonists are calling “chocolate”.

    But it’s from a different colony.

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  2. coolguy says:

    merry christmas to you guys too!

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  3. hanz says:

    have a good jol

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  4. Cuthalion says:

    Hope you all had a Merry Fishmas!

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  5. Maurizio says:

    First of all happy holidays folks, technical report: sleep at 34 vs, I 64 settlers and are at the 20th day, the game is a bit jerky but is playable, steers are stuck don’t walk, I have problems with the work crews when I open the game freezes often and sometimes I can’t save, some minor graphical bugs as I built a second kitchen and a part of the roof remained always transparent other wise it looks all right, Hello.

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  6. coolguy says:

    please make this game cheaper in a steam sale! i can’t afford it as is!

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