It is time once more for the monthly update to Clockwork Empires! We are now at v33, or as we like to call it, Bandit Attack On ‘Fightin’ Vicar Zedock Woodburn’s Frontier Chapel.


This update will go live to every Clockwork Empires player via Steam!

Important note: the Clockwork Empires renderer got a huge overhaul. We encourage you to update your video drivers for Queen & Country.

We have also updated our Clockwork Empires: Development Progress report!

(Don’t own the game yet? Clockwork Empires can be purchased on via Humble or from Steam.)

MacOS and Linux users

OS X users: We thought we had it, but it turns out there’s one outstanding problem owing to having incorrect libraries being loaded – somewhere – for Lua. We’re still tracking this down, and will have this out as soon as we can.

Linux Users: We are still working on Linux support, which (as always) is waiting on us to fix a million references in the code base to case-sensitive filenames, as well as setting up the build machine to correctly dispatch Linux builds of the game (which have to be built with a special, hacked-together compiler) to Steam. Your patience continues to be appreciated.

Patch Notes:

Clockwork Empires rev 33 changelog


Big features:

  • Bandit attacks!
  • Chapels and Vicars to see to your colonist’s spiritual guidance 
  • The Rendering Overhaul Of Doom (for MacOS & Linux)
  • Workshops can be given standing orders to maintain a player-defined number of products in the colony at all times.
  • Adorable Foxes!


  • enormous rewrite of the entire renderer for MacOS & Linux
    • rewrite of all shaders
    • improved rendering performance
  • FIXED: stockpile serialization (save/load)
  • FIXED: game now lets you know if the starting scripts are broken
  • FIXED: crash when a camera target is deleted
  • FIXED: crash writing empty string to console
  • FIXED: pathfinding stall


  • added Vicar class
    • Vicars will give sermons & colonists will listen to sermons (if they want)
    • the result of the sermon depends on Vicar’s traits & other qualities
  • added Congregant class
  • FIXED: drop tool / drink beverage loop (yes, again) (it was a typo)
  • added upper class arrival/death alerts & prestige gains/losses
  • ALL lower class characters made grubbier
  • characters made slightly smarter about running away
  • character will return to civilization if they find themselves not in civilization
  • characters will flee toward civilization if an enemy is nearby (but not too near) and character is not in civilization
  • FIXED: colonists will no longer gossip with colonists tagged with “frontier justice”
  • added more names for characters
  • balance: eldritch transformation made slightly more difficult to ‘achieve’
  • FIXED: colonists no longer walk really, really far to butcher things (unless ordered to do so by player)
  • FIXED: colonists no longer hunt animals really, really far away (unless ordered to do so by player)
  • added more names for workcrews
  • FIXED: various scripterrors in the friend-making process
  • balance: turned one starting labourer into an overseer
  • balance: adjusted class ratios of immigration slightly
  • FIXED: Murderers would run away from other murderers rather than murdering them.
  • added alerts for various cases of death due to murder, being marked for justice but getting murdered by cultists instead, and being marked for justice but being killed by something else entirely.
  • cleaned up emotion animation jobs for characters (hooked up a couple more animations, have them attempt an emotion icon if it’s been a while since an icon has been displayed)
  • FIXED: jobs not being taken if you have a workshop assignment (regardless of whether or not the assignment is being done)
  • FIXED: two work parties can compete for the same assignment, causing one of them to never take a new assignment
  • FIXED: jobs are now correctly deleted from a very large internal table when they are aborted
  • MOB JUSTICE! (civilians may join in on Frontier Justice if they have certain traits.)
  • added some more randomness to flee from target position
  • balance: decreased effect of hunger on “eat food” (as it would easily exceed “run away from murderous fishpeople”)
  • balance: re-weighted “experience terror” job
  • balance: re-weighted emotion animations to base utility on emotionalAnimationTimer
  • added “feel madness” emotion animation job
  • added a “felt madness” memory (for the “feel madness” job)
  • made immigration event give more game log info
  • added some Upper Class character behaviours
  • added snubbing
  • added various Vicar jobs like “Pray” and “Preach in Chapel”
  • colonists of appropriate inclination will join the Vicar in prayer
  • colonists should be somewhat less prone to interrupting important work with gossip


  • New animals: Land Dragon, Giant Snail, Antipodean Vomiting Fox
  • added pack hunting behaviour for carnivores
  • added more sophisticated fleeing
  • FIXED: snail walked? backwards
  • carnivores can “butcher” corpses and eat meat
  • re-added beetle steaks
  • balance: added some more animal spawns near gamestart (for hunting)
  • FIXED: removed unnecessary sqrt() from Proximity Query code for aurochs
  • animals can now interrupt their jobs at 1s intervals (thus act smarter)
  • added some new animal behaviours, mostly involving running away from stuff

Eldritch Things

  • Fishpeople can use urchin grenades (and they explode properly)
  • Fishpeople given simple personality archetypes to affect behaviours
  • Fishpeople with leadership qualities can rally raiding parties over various issues
  • gray fishpeople made more silver
  • cleaned up interrupts & job utilities on fishpeople jobs (they were all over the place)
  • balance: lowered Obeliskian hitpoints to 2/3rds previous value
  • fishpeople can now interrupt jobs at 1s intervals (thus act smarter)
  • added additional error-checking to fishperson_butcher.fsm
  • FIXED: scriptError when fishperson attempts to shoot target that’s already dead
  • FIXED: Obeliskians use correct “run” animation
  • made fishperson try to get slightly closer to target before using fishgun
  • added landmine emote to fishpeople when they become scared of landmines


  • added an affliction system – everything can now be hurt in a variety of terrible ways!
  • FIXED: fishpeople freezing up on ranged attacks
  • added AoE attack to blunderbuss
  • added Bandits & Bandit attack event
    • Bandits will spawn in camps
    • some Bandits have armour
    • Bandits will steal your stuff. So mean!
    • added bandit camps you can forage for supplies
    • you can yield to bandits and let them take your stuff w/o a fight
  • balance: reduced fishpeople attack frequency & size
  • balance: made characters more willing to fight if in civilization
  • balance: made all combatants less interested in attacking fleeing enemies
  • soldiers will fight harder near their squad rally point, will retreat to rally points (if available)
  • balance: landmines made more damaging
  • explosive commodities will now explode when damaged
  • incidentally, commodities can be destroyed by damage (we’ll see how horribly this pans out)
  • added ability for hunters to shoot hostiles in combat (eg. Fishpeople)
  • balance: adjusted civilian melee attacking (so they actually do it ever)
  • added NCO replacement event if you have no NCOs
  • balance: did a bunch of combat job rebalancing and fixes (Thanks Samut, you’re a madman! In the best way.)
  • balance: increased utility of picking up bullets (soldiers would do literally anything but pick up bullets if there was anything else to do)
  • lowered search range for bullets (so people don’t wander into bandit camps to find bullets)
  • made soldiers attempt to attack closest target (rather than any in range)
  • balance: made “armoured” tag reduce damage to 1/2 rather than 1/3


  • FIXED: spawning of swamp forests (giant horsetail, bamboo)
  • overhauled giant horsetail model
  • FIXED: oreNode job cancellation doesn’t shut off orenode forever
  • improved water shader
  • new lingonberry & saskatoonberry models
  • overhauled hematite nodes
  • terrain: added some grass to the temperate beach
  • grass now knows that it is a plant


  • Workshops can now have ‘standing orders’ to maintain a given amount of a product in the colony
  • added Chapel building
  • added a set of Chapel modules to construct
  • Kitchens can make pumpkin pie
  • added carpets
  • FIXED the thing where landmines/logs wouldn’t count down in commodity stats when placing landmines/gabions
  • added ability to remove landmines & dismantle gabions
  • FIXED: crash when a module is interrupted at precisely the last second of construction (this somehow managed to affect three people)
  • added lots of pies & piemaking jobs
  • FIXED: potential errors in harvest.fsm
  • smelting, distilling, and ceramics jobs now use the queued processing thing (eg. smelting ore can be intiated and left to run w/o a worker present)
  • FIXED: crash when aborting jobs
  • Office building type now in-game to facilitate buildings which are neither homes nor workshops (eg. chapels)


  • increased size of workshop panel
  • added various controls to workshop job queue (standing order, etc.)
  • FIXED: colonists killed by fishpeople creating alert that says they were killed by murderers
  • FIXED: upper class door resource cost tooltip
  • added icons for chapel modules
  • added icons for lots of decor modules
  • added icon for pumpkin pie (yum)
  • FIXED: checked that every ticker icon was valid – fixed some broken ones
  • X-to-cancel assignment now (mostly) works in the jobs menu
  • FIXED: combo box now has correct behaviour in workshop menu
  • added icon to hover over Frontier Justiced colonists
  • FIXED: flatten terrain beacon wasn’t deleting itself in a certain case


Did you update your video drivers yet? Update your video drivers.

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  1. Alistaire says:

    I’m surprised you went with bandits. If you’re leading a group of colonists into the New Unexploited Unexplored World how come there’s already (quite advanced) bandits? I don’t assume they’re native..

    { reply }
    • MikeyDeez says:

      Well, what do you think happened to the previous attempts at colonization?

      I’m sure some deserted their colonies, were driven from them, got lost(?), or survived whatever tragedy befell everyone else.

      { reply }
  2. Arren says:

    @ Alistaire

    Rogue Expeditions: ne’er sanctioned nor sanctified, whe’er by Queen or by Country?

    Quasi-Conquistadores in service to more Iberian archetypes?

    Fishpeople all done-up like humanfolk?

    { reply }
  3. ErnstPoppen says:

    I like the Ned Kelly bandit in the artwork.

    { reply }
    • Alephred says:

      Yeah, you won’t like him or his delightful Tin Head Ned armor quite so much when he’s looting your last few bushels of Lingonberries. This is not hypothetical.

      { reply }
  4. Kyros says:

    I think it would be interesting if your colony was being poorly run, that individuals or groups of colonists would splinter off to form new colonies of their own (if organized) or form/join bandit camps for survival.

    { reply }
  5. The Chaplain says:

    Ya’ imposters!! It was in Call of Juarez first shooter!!
    Jus’ kiddin’ lads.
    Bandits and vicars – awesome TRULY,
    But with bandits we need constables, aye? Will be in Clockwork Empires a colonial law enforcement alike old style London Metropolitan police?

    { reply }
  6. Certainty says:

    Hey Folks,

    game seems to improve definately. Just one question – will there be a forestry soon? I always tend to run out of wood after some time.



    { reply }
    • Thomas says:

      I figured if you leave the stumps alone for long enough, they’ll grow back.

      Also the bandits are nice, but bandits AND fish folk?
      Good lord.
      It feels like my settlement is under attack every day. 🙁
      (..which itself wouldn’t be so terrible if everyone wasn’t already starving to death)

      Such is life in the Empire.

      { reply }
  7. Silvio says:

    too many crashes, is this normal? I happens when I try to save a third or fourth time, sometime during the second rescue.

    { reply }
  8. Bropocalypse says:

    If bandits and fishpeople attacked at the same time, would an awesome three-way fight ensue?

    { reply }
    • Silvio says:

      No, probably if it attacks a faction may not attack each other, will be calibrated as well. even your game goes often crash?

      { reply }
  9. Caffa says:

    Out of question will it be possible to hire bandits or commit other dubious actions (like causing infighting etc ) at the cost of resources and prestige? Essentially acts of espionage etc?

    { reply }

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