Two Small, Diggly Announcements

Two small announcements about the Diggle Plushie.

First, for those of you who are worried about international shipping – fear not! ShouldBee says it’s coming, and they will be setting it live as soon as they get back from PAX and everybody recovers from whatever variant of the death flu is going around this year.

Second, the first 100 people to order a Diggle Plushie will get, as an added bonus, an original sketch by a Gaslamp Artist Person (or me, if you’re very unlucky), on really nice, high-quality paper, signed by as many members of the Gaslamp crew that we can get to serviceably hold a pen.

Our operators are standing by.

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14 Responses to “Two Small, Diggly Announcements”

  1. Tankran says:

    So basically international people don’t have a shot at limited edition stuff? 🙁

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  2. Lucas Turner says:

    Hello, English resident here, wot.

    Is there any chance of those whom are ordering this nightmarish peep-experiment-gone-wrong internationally of getting this sketch? I would love to get my mitts on some of that quality Artwork to put on my wall, but I am worried I will miss my chance, as it may be possible international shipping may be open only after the first 100 have been ordered.

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  3. Kamisma says:

    The international people (ie me) will have quite a handicap if they aim for a lucky hundred spot ! :p

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  4. Godwin says:

    Indeed, so consider me to have preordered like a year ago already when mention about them was circulating.

    I did say then that i wanted one. 🙂

    No really.

    No really really.

    I consider myself having pre-ordered now :p

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  5. Glazed says:

    The obvious answer is to do another small batch of art things only for the international people when that launches.

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  6. nibor says:

    I really want one, but the cost of shipping seems excessive given how small they are. I’m almost certain that that price isn’t set by you guys, but it is making me second guess how badly I need one.

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  7. Kilrathi says:

    Has the 100 person mark been reached yet? I ordered Monday night and I’m curious to know if I’m one of the lucky first few.

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    • Not yet. Our operators are standing by.

      For 100, read “100-ish” to ensure that we do give Early Adopters from the UK and Canada a chance at some goodies. Maybe we’ll just throw in things around the office – forks, cutlery, Odin art, anybody named Chris of your choice, that kind of thing.

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      • Kilrathi says:

        Great – glad to have made the cut, and that all sounds like fun. I’m a big fan of the art style of both Dredmor and Odin, and of forks, too. The Chris thing, on the other hand, sounds like it’s headed for some serious international shipping, at least if he’s as chunky as a Diggle.

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