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Two Small, Diggly Announcements

Two small announcements about the Diggle Plushie.

First, for those of you who are worried about international shipping – fear not! ShouldBee says it’s coming, and they will be setting it live as soon as they get back from PAX and everybody recovers from whatever variant of the death flu is going around this year.

Second, the first 100 people to order a Diggle Plushie will get, as an added bonus, an original sketch by a Gaslamp Artist Person (or me, if you’re very unlucky), on really nice, high-quality paper, signed by as many members of the Gaslamp crew that we can get to serviceably hold a pen.

Our operators are standing by.

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Diggle Plushies Pre-Order

Some of you may have noticed that certain people, including a Mr. TotalBiscuit, have been receiving the gift of Diggle Plushies at this week’s Penny Arcade Expo. That’s because, when we arrived at PAX, we were greeted with the following horrific, terrifying, nightmarish monster zoo:

If you would like in on this action, please consult the pre-order page provided here by the good folks at ShouldBee. We will have a more formal store announcement and links off of our website (and all that) later.

We have a few left at the expo. One of these guys could be in your hot little hands, as of tomorrow, if you show up at our booth wearing a Dredmor-themed costume.

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