Dredmor for iPad

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  1. Copycat Zero says:

    Cool. Would an Android version be possible, too? Just recently got an ASUS eeePad…

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  2. Dushanan says:

    Yeah, I hope an android version would be possible someday. Specifically in the amazon store, for kindle fires ๐Ÿ˜€ But still, pretty cool!

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  3. Chungyen Chang says:

    Good thing you posted this on April 2nd, not April 1st. I’d be so mad if this was fake ๐Ÿ™

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  4. JDOgre says:

    Yeah, the iPad might be the single brand most represented in the tablet market, but it’s only 2/3rds of the total market. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Quarky says:

    I’ve been waiting for this ever since you announced the OpenAL audio rewrite! Also, I will be disappointed if you don’t include a “you have to tap the diggle” mini game

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  6. SirPrimalform says:

    This is pretty damn coolsome!

    I don’t own a tablet, but if I was ever to get one of the current tablets it’d certainly be an android one so I’m sort of hoping for an android version.

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  7. Mike says:

    Android version is next, right, guys? Right?

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  8. Morgan says:

    I don’t know much about Ipads/other mobile devices, but I’m guessing mods aren’t available? That would be the only real problem I see here.

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    • Geoff says:

      Mods could be possible on the iPad via the iTunes app storage thing (don’t know what it’s officially called). Basically connect your iPad to a computer and there’s a list of apps that can have files synced with them. In this case a zip or tar would work I suppose.

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  9. Chungyen Chang says:

    Other games have done mods before! Most notably, GTA III and Dink Smallwood. I think DoD could do it too through the zip files it uses.

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  10. Grimmy the Peeper says:

    …any chance for an iPod Touch version?

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  11. Jonathan says:

    Holy shit! This is huge. I can finally sell my computer.

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  12. Despayre says:


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  13. Geoff says:

    Curious as to why there’s a cursor in the second shot…

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  14. superstepa says:

    If it is legitimate, I think you should try to make an android version. While less users play games on it it still takes up a considerable amount of market and the Google Play Store is not such a ripoff for developer compared to the Apple appstore

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  15. Essence says:

    Oh, my God, am I glad i didn’t have time on April 1st to do the post I had planned. I spent the day out of town, but I was SO GOING to do a “Announcing Dredmor for the iPad” April Fools post on the forums.

    I so would have felt SO BAD to see this come out for real the day after. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  16. Laccnow says:

    The mouse pointer on the second screen seems legit.

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  17. Ivan says:

    An Android version would be MUCH appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

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  18. Stryke says:

    Please, please please develop a version for android tablets, that’d be an instant buy as far as I’m concerned.

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  19. Thank you. You have made my future bus rides infinitely more enjoyable.

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  20. ecc says:


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  21. mondomg says:

    I hope everything goes well with the iOS version and you will consider making an Android one.

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  22. LonePaladin says:

    Please show the Kindle Fire some love.

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  23. Karock says:

    All I have to say is: If you don’t also put this on the iphone I’m going to cry. A lot.

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  24. Michael Anderson says:

    Remember – saying ‘an Android version’ is basically saying ‘can you make another 25 or so versions, none of which will sell 1% as much as the iPad version, yet will cost you TONS more in terms of development and support’?

    I love my Android phones, Kindle Fire and couple of Android tablets … but the reality is ugly.

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  26. Twotricks says:

    I am sure this is not the case anymore. For one they can always use UNITY and develop it for range of platforms in same time. Also most difference is just resolutions

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  27. Alarian says:

    There was an article recently on ZDnet on Android development. They talked with quite a few developers and it comes down to if you develop for IOS you basically have a couple pieces of hardware to debug for. With android it was something like 1450 devices and rapidly rising. They interviewed one company that had developed for both but was stopping android because 99.9% of their tech calls were from Android customers having problems running their software on their particular device. The conclusion of the article was that if Google doesn’t figure out some way to reign in Hardware developers and Wireless phone carriers Android is going to continue to have problems getting developers to create content for Android.

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  28. Sure, but we’re not using Unity. Even then, it ain’t perfect. (Far from it.)

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  29. Kevin says:


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  31. Me says:

    Will there be (some kind of) mod support? I know there won’t be via the AppStore, because that would annoy Apple, but something where you type in the URL of a .zip mod, and it downloads + installs it would be possible. Also, even if that won’t work, could you have it as an ‘unused’ feature, so the jailbreakers could use it? Thank you.

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  32. Steven C says:

    Sure, iPad is more common than any other single tablet, but there are a lot of Android tablets out there too. Most people like to quote random figures like 2/3 market dominance to iPad; but on the contrary, most of your fans seem to own Android devices.
    People say that there are different hardware configurations. How is this different from PC? And the game is already on PC, even before iPad!
    Personally, I’m not against Apple, but in my household there are 3 computers, 2 laptops (all windows), 1 PS3, 1 Xbox, 3 Android mobiles and 1 Android tablet.
    And a lot of people I know are converting from Apple to Android. No-one is converting from Android to Apple (I considered it, as my phone has expired, but in the end, went for another Android).

    Android is popular and the game was dev for PC which has more hardware configs than Android.

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  33. Steven C says:

    As for control:

    -Swipe in any direction to move in that direction
    -Or tap an empty tile to move there
    -Tap to attack
    -Tap an item to pick it up
    -Or drag the item to the desired location
    -Two-finger swipe to scroll around
    -Pinch to zoom

    The ‘+’ on the skills will be too small to tap, so just use drag and drop of skills from the skills window to the action bar (I tried this 20 times in the PC version anyway before I found the ‘+’).

    A map button would be superior to a minimap that consumes screen realestate.

    That’s all I can think of for now.

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  34. Joshy says:

    Any updates on this? This was my favorite game of last year and I would love to play it on the go.

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  35. Jamey says:

    Is this still happening? I would love to hear some more about the iPad version.

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  36. Philman says:

    Is the phat countdown timer related to THIS ?

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  37. Paul says:

    If there is a Diggle god, he will see to it that this is made for the Android Nexus 7. Pretty please.

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  38. Nicholas Zeltzer says:

    Wow. I’ll be gifting this app all over again (I love to share)!

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  39. Joshy says:

    I’m assuming this is dead since they’re working on the new game and this wasn’t as PAX.

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  40. ECC says:

    Any updates on the Ipad port? I would be so very happy to gift an IOS version to all the tablet-lovers on my list.. (as well as buying it all over again for myself).

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  41. JR says:

    Is it going to happen? I think there is a pretty big market for an iPad-Port. Would make a great x-mas gift ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It would be great, if somebody from Gaslamp could comment and give us an update.

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  42. Anon says:

    Still vanting this.
    Any updates?

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  43. StormTraveler says:

    I hope you guys are still doing this! The moment it comes out, you can be sure ill be getting it again!

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  44. Aurok says:

    Hey I was just wondering if this was still a thing because I really hope it is! xD

    Is it still under the radar?

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  45. James says:

    I don’t think this is a thing anymore ๐Ÿ™ look at how much money ftl made when they ported it….

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    • We talk about it every few weeks, and it’s a front-runner for what we’ll do as soon as we have some spare time from Clockwork Empires. Trust me, we have not forgotten! The mere fact that people *still* ask for it means that it’s a good business decision, as you say, we just wanted to do something different for a while ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • Burag ร‡etinyรผrรผr says:

        After the release of FTL on ipad a meaty full game like this would do wonders for tablets.Releasing it before Clockwork Empires would be a lot better for you to increase the fame of Gaslamp Games as a whole.And if you somehow added mod support to ipad version…. you would be on the front page of every game news website.Also what is the prime factor that stopped you releasing the game on tablets for over a year now?

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  46. Sami Elthen says:

    I’m still waiting for this to happen!
    Make it happen!
    Please ?
    Pretty please ?
    Pretty please with marshmellow ?

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  47. Anthony Ray says:

    its been a while.
    please don’t forget.

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  48. Morshu Adams says:

    im still holding out hope

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