Patch 1.0.9 Addendum: It’s Out There Somewhere

We have sent 1.0.9 off to our friends at Steam, but they are really busy right now.  As far as we are aware, the Mac version has been successfully delivered to the distribution servers, so those of you with the Mac problems we were experiencing should be able to get your fix.

As far as the Windows flavor of Dredmor 1.0.9: we sent them an extra copy just in case they left the first one in their pants pocket at home, so we are expecting it to be up sometime today.  I will edit this post when we have confirmation of it being available for download/update for everyone.  Thanks for your patience, we will get to the bottom of it.

UPDATE: Looks like Steam is slowly rolling out the 1.0.9 update.  In order to get it to update quickly it is possible to delete the local files and reinstall, but those more patient than I should have it shortly (this will not erase the save files as they are stored elsewhere).

UPDATE 2: Some users are reporting issues with existing characters experiencing a teleportation bug.  We’re working on it right now; if you do have this problem, just force-quit the game (ctrl-alt-del) and roll a new character while you wait;  it seems to only affect existing characters.  We will keep you up to date as we get more info.







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18 Responses to “Patch 1.0.9 Addendum: It’s Out There Somewhere”

  1. Michael says:

    FYI: The Humble Bundle has still 1.0.7 online…

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  2. Nosrick says:

    Pretty certain I just got it. 7.2Mb patch just downloaded.

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  3. Borodin says:

    Same here.

    One oddity I’ll report in the forum: the teleporting sound repeats every turn.

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  4. dailycaesar says:

    Got it!

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  5. Will says:

    Works for me on windows! Thanks for finally fixing the n-Dimensional lathe bug

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  6. Musaab says:

    Destroyed my one save file. Actually the UI loaded, but the hero and the dungeon did not. Anyways, it’s all good.

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  7. AthenaTLG says:

    Corrupted saves, caused my char to teleport about the floor like a demented chimp. Lost five floors of progress. Annoyed. If it solves the bugs, only mildly annoyed, if the crafting menu still CTD’s, then very annoyed. UGH! *angry diggle*

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  8. Tyderion says:

    When I go 1 level up (from level 4 to level 3) I hear the travel-sound when walking around on level 3 about once every 2 turns.
    This is really annoying. Happened first time now after the patch. Still happens after restart of the game.

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    • Tyderion says:

      I now port around the level like crazy too -.-
      Quite annoying, this is my best character so far…. I hope this gets fixed…

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  9. Ovrad says:

    “In order to get it to update quickly it is possible to delete the local files and reinstall, but those more patient than I should have it shortly”

    Just did that, deleted local files, redownloaded, it didn’t solve the bug. 🙁

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  10. Justerik says:

    Glad I’m not the only one with the port issue. Really hope that you guys can salvage the saves and fix the issue.

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  11. Knallis says:

    The Crownstar Addendum has been found! Awkwardly. I don’t remember picking it up. It was just suddenly in my inventory at one point.

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  12. CJSimmons says:

    I would like to mention that with the expansion, the game feels sooooo complete now. Excellent work. I think I said it months ago, but I’m definitely on board with any new content ya’ll put up for sale. Ya’ll are still planning on releasing a mod kit, right? I’ve been fiddling around with the current mod support and love it, but a UI would be very much appreciated.

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  13. Brian Wallis says:

    Using Steam on Mac, after updated to 1.09, the expansion doesn’t load anymore. Just normal Dungeons of Dreadmore. 🙁

    Anyone else have this problem? Is there a work around?

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  14. Leslie says:

    I just got the Dead Man’s Chest achievement when I mastered the Killer Vegan tree. I also had Piracy as one of my skill trees, but nowhere near mastered. I didn’t know where else to submit bugs, so I’m just posting here. Hope it helps. Also, great game and expansion.

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  15. tim says:

    I tried playing today, since for whatever reason you have as much playtime as skyrim, but my guy thinks he’s teleporting every step now.

    Like, I try walking a square, but he just snaps his fingers and in a blue flash heads back to his original square and now I’m stuck because that’s the only thing he’ll do now!

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  16. James says:

    i found the crownstar addendum in a water bowl, which was a VERY nice surprise after trying soo many runthroughs as tanky mage, but the wand skill increase that it has no effect on my skills… not really complaining, but if it says its meant to be there… ty.

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