Patch 1.0.8 is up; the DLC is not.

Patch 1.0.8 has now hit The Steam. We’ll be pushing patches out to the Humble Indie Bundle download-page and to Desura shortly. There are a few crashes that slipped by us – most notably, one crash in the crafting system, one crash drinking the new Diggle Nog, and one crash with the new vending machine looting; we’ll be mopping those up and putting out a hotfix tonight. We’re also not sure what’s going on with OS X yet, other than “a very bad thing”, but we’re trying to get this sorted out as well. Our current theory is that Dredmor is being haunted by the vengeful ghost of Steve Jobs, who was never keen on having games for OS X anyway.

… so, yeah. Hang tight, we’ll get this sorted, and in the mean time don’t drink the Diggle Nog. (This is good advice for life.)

DLC: We’re still waiting on a release date from Valve for this, but it is done. Unfortunately, the media seems to be running with the idea that it is out today as well. It’s not. It’ll be a bit; everything gets very silly at Christmas.

There has also been a request for a Changelog: we’ve posted it below.

CHANGELOG (from 1.0.6 to 1.0.8)

– A female hero has been added to the game.
– Added Modding Support! (Use at your own risk.)
– Added No Time To Grind mode: shorter dungeon levels, more monster XP.
– All skill trees now have a minimum of 5 skills.
– Added support for polymorphing. (More of this in the DLC.)
– Wand tree has been completely revised. Wands now use traditional charges, and the wand lore tree now contains Wandcrafting instead.
– Added n-dimensional lathe to craft wands.
– Added new crafting interface; we stole the old one from Minecraft, we stole the new one from Terraria.
– Added belt, glove, and pant slots. Added belts, gloves, and pants (10 of each)
– Added some more items.
– Added anti-magic field sprayers and anti-magic effects.
– Added monster taxonomy flags.
– Removed the Deadshot skill tree; pushed its stuff into Perception and Crossbowery.
– Fountains will now occasionally give you a ring or amulet.
– Added the Powder of Ibn Ghazi. Go see those Eldritch Horrors.
– Added a colorblind correction mode, for players with red/green colorblindness (proteranopia/deuteranopia)
– Added mute buttons to start panel.
– Set some custom blockers to be immobile (fixes the “mad flying grate” things.)
– 2X inventory.
– spellmines now fire on each gameplay tick, rather than if you move through them
– Changed XP giving formula for “It Belongs in a Museum”
– Added grated cheese and meat!
– Added new key binding support.
– Added unique items for all buff effects.
– Added new “unarmed attack” sound variations.
– Added a new vending machine for craftables.
– Some work on the Minimap.
– Added % chance flag for room blockers.
– Added room scripting support.
– More robust item spawning.
– Added monster AI improvement: “chicken flag”
– Secret hidden fun rooms.
– FIXED: flying pets.
– FIXED: Armour now correctly gives damage bonuses. (Cybertronic Orb, Magma Orb)
– FIXED: timing bug with clicking allows the player to bypass monster turns
– FIXED: The Axekeytar now actually shoots rocks.
– FIXED: Broken magic tutorial in 1.0.7.
– FIXED: various monster stealing issues.
– FIXED: monsters will now corrupt anything, not just your artifact weapons.
– FIXED: passable flags being reset on save/load
– FIXED: various things not giving you blasting damage
– FIXED: Used inconsequentia statues now look different from Spent Ones.
– FIXED: probably some other bugs, but we can’t remember what they are.
– REBALANCING: like crazy. Post your favourite nerf here and win a small, meaningless prize.
– ACHIEVEMENTS: Some new achievements. (Some of which are DLC only.)

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107 Responses to “Patch 1.0.8 is up; the DLC is not.”

  1. Loren says:

    My favorite nerf is having the free lockpicks moved to the end. I am now slightly less inclined to always take burglary. What did I win?!

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  2. iNyan says:

    Awesome, gonna give it a try asap. Also, gonna take a look at those modding capabilities ๐Ÿ™‚
    Congratulations for all the hard work, guys. I think this is my indie game of the year.

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  3. Dahauer says:

    not being able to build things without a recipe is my “favorite” nerf.

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  4. CharlieChoo says:

    I love how my game crashes when I click where the new skills should be ;_; but really, i like all the new items and the no time grind mode is cool

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  5. Diggle says:

    My favourite nerf is how the bad guy can’t smash my face with a Royal Beatdown on floor 1 anymore just by knowing the recipe.

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  6. AuthorX says:

    Wait… so I could have built anything from my previous runs if I remembered the recipe by heart? And now I’ve missed my chance?


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  7. bakaohki says:

    Oh, my savegame crashes all the time. A couple of week’s gameplay gone. I know it’s not a nice thing to say, but fuck you, would you kindly?

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    • This should be fixed tomorrow morning as well – sorry for the inconvenience.

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      • bakaohki says:

        Thank you; I do love Dredmor, but I’m just getting really tired of the updates. Honestly NOT ONE update was without showstopper bugs – I wish I’d be exaggerating, but I’m not.

        According to steam I poured more than 90 hours into the game and even if you say “it will be fixed” I just don’t believe you. What will break this time? I won’t be able to open even the normal chests anymore? Or more Brax-to-Dredmor conversions? Or infinite health bars again? Disappearing pets? Or even more pet AI “reduction”? Oh please, please try to be more careful!

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        • AuthorX says:

          If you’re having trouble with your save every time you update, you may want to wait until you finish a run to update. If you have it on Steam, you can tell it not to automatically update specific games.

          I know you’re probably a lot better at staying alive than I am, since I’m still pretty new to the game, but it’s not like a Skyrim-style game where all those 90 hours are in a single save file and there’s no reason to play now that that’s lost. Not that it isn’t frustrating anyway, but, enough for a ‘fuck you’ to the devs?

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        • Ashyr says:

          You paid five dollars for a game that continues to be actively supported by an independent developer. I’m glad you like it, but patches come with bugs. There’s no way they have the manpower or resources to test such a complex game on such a wide variety of possible computer configurations.

          They’ve clearly been working hard the last few weeks to get all this additional, free content to you and, at 90 hours played, you’ve clearly gotten your money’s worth. So sit back, relax, enjoy something else for the day and get ready to enjoy the game with DLC very soon.

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          • SamuelMarston says:

            The fact that they replied so kindly to your “fuck you” was probably worth more than the $5 you paid them.

            Happy Holidays!

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            • Scuba Stove says:


              Great job gaslamp. No matter the unappreciative comments, I and many others I’m sure appreciate the work you’ve put into this game.

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              • David Snedden says:

                Calm down guys, he’s allowed to be upset, I think the last bit was meant more jokingly than anything, but yeah his feedback is pretty much spot on and that’s a good thing for the dev’s to hear just as much as everyone else telling them how great their game is (it really is).

                { }
              • bakaohki says:

                Oh, I did dig out this thread, now 24 hours later, with the crashing still around.

                Anyway, I’m totally grateful for the nice and quick response, nevertheless I would like to keep the liberty of saying “fuck you” as a customer, which I happen to be in this slightly less fortunate business relationship.

                { }
    • Castruccio says:

      You buy a game for 5$ that you just admitted you got 90 hours of gameplay from and then you hurl expletives at the developer?


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  8. thanks so much for all your hard work guys! my favorite nerf would have to be the increased rarity of finding Bolt of Mass Destruction. No more buy up all the item runs for me.

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  9. Alexander Kjรคll says:

    *reloads my humble download page like crazy*

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  10. RodeoClown says:

    My favourite nerf is losing the additional inventory space the crafting tools gave ๐Ÿ™

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    • RodeoClown says:

      Oh, and not having the name of the resulting craft item visible on the crafting screen… I don’t even know what I’m making now ๐Ÿ™

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  11. MightyAndrew says:

    This may sound stupid but i’d like to know what will be the price of the DLC if possible.

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  12. Ashyr says:

    Got on to report the crafting and looting bugs, found them listed here already. Glad to hear a hotfix is on the way.

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  13. Amy Zee says:

    My favourite nerf is the game crash on game startup on Macs. I’m (trying to) play on one now.

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    • r_b_bergstrom says:

      Ditto. My “favorite nerf” is also the one that kept me compulsively checking this site and steam every hour of yesterday hoping Gaslamp would find the solution to the Mac issue and hotfix it.

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  14. getter77 says:

    Fantastic looking changelog right there—-definitely starting this week off an an excellent foot.

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  15. OS X says:

    I’m tempted to vote for a ‘too soon’ with Steve Jobs’ ghost, but the problem with OS X is truly “a very bad thing.” I can’t even get it to start up. >>;;

    So, uh…OS X OP, QQ plz nerf?

    /must see new stuffff

    { reply }
  16. faermi says:

    Besides not being able to load the savegames from version 1.06 (and you’re already aware of that), I love the fact that now the money in the surrounding squares is automatically collected, without having to click like crazy. Thanks for that! I know it is not a nerf, but you have not mentioned it. Do I get anything anyway? ^^

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  17. Wootah says:

    My favorite nerf, by far, is the negative resistance to holy magic you gain with blood magic skill. Blood magic WAS too good. Now you actually have to pay for all that free mana ๐Ÿ™‚

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  18. Godwin says:

    My favourite nerfs:

    Going Rogue has been nerfed in making it easier like thus:
    – Less monster spawns through gold-hoover-effect, also less chance of stepping on traps.
    – Removal of bad weapon penalty (although this could have been balanced in esoteric ways, not sure yet).
    – Just giving all equipment for every skill instead of only for the role you have your majority of skills in.

    And with ‘favourite nerf’ I mean the nerfs I like to nag about :p (sorry! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

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  19. Ohforf the Smith says:

    My favourite nerf is putting Lucky Pick at the end of the burglary tree.
    Yay ๐Ÿ˜€ Got to find a new staple.


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  20. darius404 says:

    My favorite nerf is having my previously-saved Perma-death game deleted if I Just Quit without saving. No more reloading my way out of near-death situations! Really is my favorite nerf too, no point to Perma-death if you can just reload around it.

    Also, and this is technically from the previous patch, but whenever I would try to steal a Horadric Lufefisk Cube with Five-Fingered Discount, the game would crash. Every time. Haven’t tested with the newest patch yet, since I no longer take Burglary with my main character.

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  21. James says:

    No free lockpicks make me sad. Curse the Diggle Gods *shakes tiny fist at sky*

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  22. Seraphimus says:

    I am pretty sure the starting equipment is messed up, Using an almost identical build to my previous one before the patch I am starting with entirely different equipment, and am missing things (like my shield for taking the shield skill) and… I Started with a stack of 3 horadric lutefisk cubes O.o.

    also, Some of the monster spawns may be out of whack, I ran into an eely on level 1 (Y’know, spits acid, does like 9-10 damage per attack around 40-60 health not something you can really kill at all that early)

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    • darius404 says:

      Iโ€™ve had starting equipment woes as well. If I donโ€™t start with a majority of Fighter skills, I donโ€™t start with a Hachimaki OR Leather Armor, just a basic shirt.

      As to the Eelies, Iโ€™ve been running into them on Level 1 for several patches now; so if itโ€™s a bug, itโ€™s a long-running one.

      { reply }
  23. Carooe says:

    My favorite nerf is how Marketing Displacer Beasts will now correctly hold DLC hostage. Really, before that was fixed it was *far* too easy to purchase and enjoy new content.

    Oh, were we supposed to be serious? In that case, the Lucky Pick change. ๐Ÿ˜›

    { reply }
  24. Thief says:


    I guess it’s time for a different playing style…

    { reply }
  25. darius404 says:

    I’ve had starting equipment woes as well. If I don’t start with a majority of Fighter skills, I don’t start with a Hachimaki OR Leather Armor, just a basic shirt.

    As to the Eelies, I’ve been running into them on Level 1 for several patches now; so if it’s a bug, it’s a long-running one.

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  26. Godo Jandu! says:

    My favorite nerf is mixing berserker’s killing blow and thrown weaponry and getting crits every time.

    …wait, that’s not a nerf at all. Huh.

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  27. Chungyen Chang says:

    I’ve been getting lots of crashes when I look at vending machines– presumably something to do with the new Burglary “steal an item” skill. ๐Ÿ™

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  28. chronicdiscord says:

    I really was devastated by the inability to just make whatever I wanted, when ever I wanted. It does make a kind of sense, and probably should have always been that way, but trying to get the recipes you want can be a massive pain.

    You’re just as likely to get a recipe you want as an artifact worth using.

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  29. clef says:

    I’ve had crafting tools dissapear when I put them inside themselves then close the crafting window xD

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  30. AishaLove says:

    My favorite nerf is how all my old save games crash the game when I try to load them.

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  31. ripter says:

    The game just crashes on launch now ๐Ÿ™

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  32. TheWumpus says:

    My favorite nerf would have to be the new crafting system. Because there’s nothing more awesome than knowing a recipe for something but not being able to craft it because I haven’t found it on the bookshelf yet. Also I would like to say that the new UI for crafting is BAD. Really, really bad. I don’t know if it needs polishing or what not but it’s confusing as all get out and much more time consuming to scroll through.

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  33. JimTheEternal says:

    I just found out about the Roguelike Radio podcast, and I’ve been going through the back episodes. I think it’s hilarious that every change they recommended on the Dredmor episode is being implemented. They are some awesome changes too, so good on ya guys! Thanks for updating!

    { reply }
  34. Mack says:

    My favorite nerf is the Mac OS nerf! I’ve started a few days ago when i got the game from the humble bundle at 1.0.7 but switched to steam because of the damn Achievements…. too bad it’s 1.0.6, and the Mac OS version still ain’t out! T_T

    { reply }
  35. pdSlooper says:

    Is there a way to separate items? Say, if I have a stack of 600 Lutefisk, and I separate it into two stacks of 100 and 500?

    { reply }
  36. Shimshai says:

    I found a bug I haven’t seen listed. I picked up a torc which gave me +2 to Wands, however equipping it didn’t affect my stats at all (I had taken wands as a skill) and checking the recipes showed no recipes for wands. When I clicked the arrow to scroll up, it crashed.

    { reply }
  37. logers says:

    My favorite “uber-nerf” is the big “Dungeons of Dredmor quit unexpectedly” every time I launch making it completely unplayable.

    Which means I have lots of time to complain here. (btw. Steam on OSX Lion).

    { reply }
  38. James Aguilar says:

    Looks like I picked a bad day to buy this. I’ve gotten a ton of crashes on the tutorial, crafting, everything. Unplayable really. I hope I didn’t waste my five bucks, you guys.

    { reply }
    • No, you haven’t wasted your five bucks. We have most of this sorted out, and will have hotfixes up shortly. Again, thanks for your patience. It’s worth it – really.

      That said:

      “Looks like I picked a bad day to buy this” immediately makes me think of the following clip from Airplane: – sorry, not a helpful piece of customer service, but I figure that you should know exactly where my mind went…

      { reply }
      • James Aguilar says:

        Eh, it’s pretty decent customer service. Made me laugh at any rate.

        OK, I’ll hang tight for an update. I’m patient.

        { reply }
    • TheWumpus says:

      Yeah you picked a really bad day. This is the first time 40+ hours of play I’ve had a crash.

      Although the shopkeeper does turn into some strange critters at times.

      { reply }
  39. Vlock says:

    Dang. Really got into this game, started back up today on OS X and it kept “quitting unexpectedly”…rebooted machine, same problem…uninstalled from Steam, reinstalled, same problem. Found this post 5 mins too late – am I right in saying my Savegames are gone?

    { reply }
  40. Wolfechu says:

    So I’m not seeing anywhere how much the DLC will cost. I know, I know, the actual game’s only $5, and I can’t see it being more than that, but satisfy my curiousity, willya?

    { reply }
  41. TorNis says:

    2X inventory? Haven’t seen this yet.

    Thanks for 1.0.8 release, it got a LOT of cool updates, but too bad it’s bugged a little in current position and it seems this update should have gone better with DLC at the same time, but maybe it’s better now, since you can hotfix stuff.

    I am live daily streamer btw, I want to share stuff I discovered it 1.0.8:
    -bugs you mentioned in blog post
    -“Vital Siphon” from Blood Magic is bugged, it shows that I’ve drained life, but I am not.
    -message “Blood Mana” doesn’t appear anytime when you kill

    The stuff which I like the most:
    -whole game got simply rebalanced, lol, even Dr. Sanin was nerfed, was 7 -> now 8

    The stuff which I don’t know if it’s supposed to be like this:
    -crafting result doesn’t show up any names, so new players don’t know what are you crafting
    -7 skill trees for players while most skills got 5+ skills now and it’s impossible to focus on all 7 trees

    The stuff which I don’t like:
    -Crafting have been reduced to casual level(no choosing of ingridients and knowledge of crafting machine you need)
    -New crafting don’t have double-click feature to select your desired recipe(while btw, you don’t know the name of the final product)

    Thanks for reading this. I will be posting more feedback after I play some in streams.


    { reply }
  42. MrValdez says:

    My favorite nerf is that the cherry pick skill (the one that gives free lockpicks), is now at the end of the skill tree.

    My 2nd favorite nerf is that you’ll find out that as soon as you cast the spell, the lockpicks are automatically added to your inventory. Sure you can drop your main stack, but it makes lutefish crafting a little bit complicated.

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  43. RodeoClown says:

    OK, I just lost three hours of adventuring because I looked at the n-dimensional lathe ๐Ÿ™

    Can you make the automatic save also save every… 500 turns or something please? Then if something breaks, at least you don’t lose too much time.

    Pretty please?
    Pretty please with a candied-diggle egg on top?

    { reply }
    • TorNis says:

      Why after new update(especially big one), you don’t save each ~20-30 minutes?
      After I discovered problems with Vending Machines stealing bug, which basically crushes the game(and it was only the beggining of the game), I knew that patch was buggy. It’s always a good idea to be a little cautions. Auto-save each X turns I think could be a problem for memory in this game. You know already that after game loads new track(mp3), game freezes for 1 sec. Devs could probably fix that long ago, but they didn’t, that means there are quite complicated problems with that.

      { reply }
  44. Michael says:

    I really dont like where the crafting items are now on the inventory and the new crafting system, old way was a lot better in my opinion

    { reply }
  45. Bondy034 says:

    Huh, surprised no one’s mentioned my favourite nerf yet – knightly leap being pushed back in its skill tree ๐Ÿ™

    But good job on the update guys, things keep getting better and better. I like the new crafting interface, yeah it could use some tweaking, and name/info displays for crafted items like others have mentioned, but it’s a lot more sensible than the old “open each container style”

    I’m still having that weird “items spawning under dungeon features” deal… That’s gotta be the longest running bug i’ve noticed in Dredmor… :p relatedly, looks like real bookshelves might be spawning under non functional ones… unless that’s you guys being tricksy… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Keep up the good work. I’m hanging out to play my vegan character in the dlc when we can grab it! I sure hope the tree synergises well with psychic powers… :p

    { reply }
    • Bondy034 says:

      oh, and some of the buttons still seem to be behaving oddly with 2x (items not being able to be placed in quick slots – tool tips showing up when the cursor is hovered nearby instead of over – esp in the character screen…) you might know this already but just thought i’d mention it.

      { reply }
  46. Joegle says:

    On the n-dimensional lathe the skill related to what wands you can craft is alchemy. I would have thought this would be wand craft.

    { reply }
  47. RSYM says:

    I think it’s pretty cool for you guys to be so active in updating your game and responding to players here.

    That said, please exorcise the daemons from the OSX crashes so that I can have my sweet dungeon-crack again. I must have it soon, the withdraw is so painful…

    { reply }
  48. r_b_bergstrom says:

    Bugs aside (I’m on a Mac), my least favorite change will probably be the lockpicks. Frankly, the burglary changes sound annoying.

    My actual favorite real change thus far “no time to grind” mode. Smaller, faster dungeon floors is a much appreciated pacing boost. I finally downloaded the 1.0.7 off my HIB yesterday since Steam was broke, and “no grind” let me get to floor 6 in one day, despite logging out every level to check if there was a status update re:Steam.

    Also, the expansion of all skill trees to 5 skills will be very nice. My best 1.0.6 character is sitting at the stairs to level 9, with all his skill trees maxed out. It’ll be nice to have some new room to him to grow before he faces Dredmor.

    { reply }
  49. petelectro says:

    The Glitter Magic Glove seems like it has an icon which isn’t shown in the character screen. Maybe expansion-only?

    { reply }
  50. ThndrShk2k says:

    My favorite nerf is the fact that since that the player is always watching you get arrested for stealing from a vending machine, violating the law and forfeiting all your goods.

    { reply }

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